Critical Path has announced the launch of a new identity and access management suite.

As part of its Memova suite of applications, the company claimed that the identity and access management suite will enable organisations to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, minimise security risks, enrich user experiences and streamline compliance.

David Longley, VP Northern Europe at Critical Path, said: “The identity and access management suite goes well beyond identity management and encompasses many other capabilities. Our modular approach also means companies can focus on solving key business issues, and then use the return on that investment to fund the next initiative.”

The company has also announced a partnership with Ilex, a software company based in France. Its product marketing and business development manager Stephan Belloni, said: “Partnering with Critical Path is a great opportunity for Ilex and our customers.

“The Memova applications are a natural fit with our Meibo and Sign&go products, resulting in broader, more robust and scalable enterprise solutions. We look forward to working closely with Critical Path.”