Swedish vendor CronLab has announced the release of a white-labelled anti-spam solution.

The company claimed that it will allow IT consultants and hosting providers to market a state of the art spam filter to their clients as it allows clients to set up a filter with customised logo and colours without any setup costs.

Markus Nilsson, CTO of CronLab, said: “Our filters remove well over 99 per cent of spam without catching false positives thanks to our unique filtering methodologies. If there are any borderline cases of emails we simply ask the end user to determine whether it is spam or not by sending out daily quarantine messages.

“This does not only make our customers more productive, but also helps them save costs on helpdesk calls. Naturally we also filter for viruses and phishing attacks.”

Daniel Axsäter, CEO of CronLab, said: “Some consultants simply prefer not to have to host their own servers, yet still want to offer their clients the best solutions on the market under their own brand. With our new solution they can offer anti-spam filtering in a highly cost-efficient manner, with no setup costs and very attractive cost per email address protected.”