Crypto Locker News, Articles and Updates

Lincolnshire county council resolves ransomware restlessness

Lincolnshire county council is back up and running after having been infected with ransomware last week.

Vaccine released for Cryptowall 4.0

After the release of the bigger, badder version of Cryptowall, Romanian security company Bitdefender has come out with a vaccine

New CryptoWall hunts for victims with Tor

CryptoWall 2.0 is more stealthy and powerful than its predecessor.

New TorrentLocker ransomware trades on fear of CryptoLocker

A new breed of ransomware called TorrentLocker that mimics more feared versions like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall has been discovered targeting users in Australia.

CryptoLocker victims can recover encrypted files

A new online portal allows the estimated 545,000 CrytoLocker victims to freely recover files that were once encrypted by the ransom-demanding malware.

Prison Locker virus threatens to flood market

New low-cost ransomware about to launch.