Authentication firm Cryptocard has acquired the patents and intellectual property of tokenless, pattern-based authentication vendor GrIDsure.

The acquisition will allow Cryptocard to offer a choice of token or tokenless authentication via the cloud or server-based platform via its BlackShield Cloud, an authentication-as-a-service offering that allows enterprises to protect any point of access where a password is currently used and allows all access to be secured from a single point of control.

According to Cryptocard, it will able to offer more choice to users by adding to its portfolio of physical, software, SMS, phone and tokenless authentication tokens.

It also claimed that with the cost and security benefits of BlackShield Cloud, Cryptocard is now offered to SMEs to protect them against unauthorised cloud, application and network access and identity theft.

Neil Hollister, CEO of Cryptocard, said: “We made the decision to acquire GrIDsure's pattern authentication IP to build out our already robust token and tokenless offering and to give our customers the widest possible choice.

“Tokenless technology is incredibly cost-effective and easy to use and is a growing market. By delivering it on the BlackShield Cloud platform, the cost of service delivery is minimal and builds on our vision to make strong authentication universally available to organisations globally, regardless of size.”

It was rumoured that insolvency practitioners had been appointed to GrIDsure two weeks ago when the vendor commenced liquidation proceedings. According to ChannelWeb, the company's problems had been attributed to funding.