Cryptocard has launched a new version of its authentication platform BlackShield ID to add SMS, pattern and USB authentication technologies.

It claimed that v2.6 supports four methods of SMS/OTP authentication: SMS no waiting, SMS no waiting plus, SMS single sign-on and SMS challenge/response.

Following user requests, it has added pattern-based authentication from GrIDsure, a multi-platform (MP) software token for Java phones and the MP token for SafeStick secure USB flash drives.

The support for pattern-based authentication from GrIDSure allows the end-user to generate a one-time password without the need for any additional hardware or software. By adding BlackShield ID two-factor technology to BlockMaster's SafeStick device, end-users can have secure authentication and mobile storage from a single device.

Security administrators can transform Java ME mobile phones into tokens that generate PIN-protected, one-time passwords, allowing for authentication for VPNs, web applications, Citrix and any other BlackShield ID protected online resources.

CryptoCard said: “The most exciting of the four options is SMS challenge/response. Delivery of the one-time password occurs during the logon process. After the user has submitted their valid UserID, the passcode is delivered by SMS.

“This method also has an in-built time limit. SMS single sign-on is a variation of SMS challenge/response that lets organisations take advantage of two-stage single sign-on authentication supported by SSL VPN and on-demand computing solutions from the leading vendors.  BlackShield ID sends a time-limited passcode that the user combines with their PIN for submission as the second stage of authentication.” 

Another new feature is the ability to protect Windows workstations, independent of their domain membership. This feature is now supported in BlackShield ID, as the agent protects both domain and local logins.