CryptoCard has announced a deal to integrate its multi-platform software token across IronKey's product portfolio.


The new solution will enable organisations to implement a combined two-factor authentication security strategy that protects data held on mobile storage devices, such as a USB drive, and secures the network against unauthorised access.


By embedding CryptoCard technology into IronKey's suite of products, users are provided with a portable solution via a device they are carrying anyway, eliminating the need to carry a separate token.  According to the two companies, data is further protected with high-speed, military-grade hardware encryption and intelligent anti-malware controls, and is encased in a waterproof and tamper resistant housing.


Neil Hollister, CEO of CryptoCard, said: “It made sense to find a cost effective way of coupling both areas of data protection. Combining our password token technology with IronKey's suite of products creates a ‘trusted' environment for data stored outside of the traditional network perimeter, and also ensures the identity of users accessing the network remotely.”


Steve Ryan, senior vice president of business development at IronKey, said: “We are dedicated to developing market leading solutions to protect our customers' data and networks. Now businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their data is not only secure on the device, but also that the network which holds their data is protected from malicious access.”