Coventry City Council has selected CryptoCard's managed service to protect access to its servers and networks.

Following a cut in budgets, the council realised that renewal for its existing authentication solution was no longer cost-effective and chose Crypto-Mas for its ease of use and ease at which it could migrate from the existing systems.

Initially, 500 council and third-party workers will use CryptoCard's hardware and software token-based two-factor authentication service. The migration has added a restricted VPN for third parties and VPN access for council staff.

Paul Jackson, IT security team leader at Coventry City Council, said: “In the short term, Crypto-Mas gives us a better managed service at less cost, while in the longer-term, the software tokens will provide savings when replacing and retrieving old tokens. Add to this the fact that we can keep expanding the service's availability, there is no better fit for our needs.”

Neil Hollister, CEO of CryptoCard, said: “Spending cuts have forced councils to look for savings in all areas. Like many councils, Coventry used this drive to take a fresh look at existing systems and found that a simple change could reap benefits.

“Using Crypto-Mas enables them to significantly cut costs, scale the service to their future needs, and critically, ensure continued secure access to their network with a seamless migration.”