CryptoCard has announced that it is to offer its Crypto-Mas cloud-based managed solution to service providers to allow them to provide secure authentication to customers via SMS and smartphone.

It said that the ultimate concept is for service providers and system integrators to provide two-factor authentication as a standard offering using a single cloud-based platform. CryptoCard confirmed that Crypto-Mas has been taken on by 100 service providers and system integrators to help them tackle the authentication problem that their customers face.

Neil Hollister, CEO of CryptoCard, said: “Given the confluence of security threats and the widespread adoption of the cloud-based technologies, two-factor authentication is well placed to follow the trajectory of the anti-virus, firewall and email filtering.

“Given the businesses' growing reliance on cloud-based services, service providers and system integrators are best placed to meet the demand for heightened security and offer their customers a peace of mind by providing strong authentication as a standard feature of their security solutions. This makes the solution well-placed to change behaviours and viable in the long-term.”

Neil Downing, director of IP services at Interoute, said: “Our VPNs support some of the world's leading companies, but our customers increasingly need additional levels of security to reduce the problems associated with traditional passwords, where the threats of hackers and ID theft play a large part in the risks associated with remote access. Crypto-Mas addresses the security needs of our customers perfectly.”