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Malicious version of Syscoin's Windows installer found on Github

Malicious actors replaced the legitimate Windows installer for Syscoin's cryptocurrency earlier this month with a version containing malware, which was available on the company's Github page for several days.

Coinrail suffers £28 million in coin theft, hacked during ICO offering

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail suffered a breach on Sunday that allowed hackers to steal Pundi X (NPXS), NPER (NPER), and Aston (ATX) coins being offered for sale as part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Russian experts also concerned at increasing cyber-attacks on cryptocurrencies

The number of cyber-attacks on cryptocurrencies have significantly increased both in Russia and Western markets in recent years following the global upsurge in their use.

£900m worth of crypto stolen since 2017, GDPR could hinder research

Cyber-criminals managed to steal US$ 1.2 billion (£900 million) in cryptocurrency in reported and unreported theft since 2017, as some researchers fear new data privacy laws may negatively impact cyber-crime studies.

New Monero miner hitting macOS devices

Another chink has developed in the Apple operating system's usually tough ability to ward off cyber-security issues with a new cryptocurrency miner being discovered that is hitting macOS devices.

Satori botnet searching internet for open Ethereum mining rigs

Increasing value of cryptocurrency sees hackers look out for mining hardware. Security researchers have discovered a large Satori botnet that is scanning the internet for exposed Ethereum cryptocurrency mining rigs.

MEWKit phishing campaign steals MyEtherWallet credentials

The cyber-criminals who last April executed a man-in-the-middle attack on a Amazon DNS server to steal £112,699 in Ethereum cryptocurrency from pulled off their heist using a newly discovered phishing kit.

NigelThorn malware mines for cryptocurrency and steals Facebook credentials

Malware spreads across social network. Malware that installs scripts to mine cryptocurrency and steal Facebook credentials has been discovered on the social network, according to security researchers.

FacexWorm Chrome extension uses Facebook Messenger to steal cryptocurrency

The malicious Chrome extension FacexWorm is targeting cryptocurrency trading platforms via Facebook Messenger in order to steal account credentials for Google MyMonero and Coinhive.

Malicious calculator app adds up Bitvote coins in cryptomining scheme

Attackers recently distributed a trojanised calculator app that downloads a cryptominer targeting Bitvote (BTV), a forked version of Bitcoin that launched just last January.

Polymorphic Monero-Mining RETADUP Worm keeps threat detection on its toes

A cryptocurrency mining worm written in the same open-source scripting language used for creating Windows hotkeys and using polymorphism is giving conventional threat detection techniques a run for their money.

Cryptocurrency's legal tender

"Good investments don't bite you on the bottom and say we're here. It takes good old hard work and research, the kind they do at Smith Barney ... they make money the old fashioned way: They earn it."

Near impossible mining speeds on Verge cryptocurrency using new exploit

An unknown hacker exploited a vulnerability in the Verge cryptocurrency platform which allowed an attacker to mine the coin at nearly 1,560 Verge coins (XVG), or about US$ 78 (£55), per second.

Entry-level Rarog cryptominer flies under the radar

A relatively unknown cryptomining malware dubbed "Rarog" is giving cyber-criminals an affordable way for entry level players to enter the field.

Electroneum-mining operation now targeting Struts systems on Windows

The well-known Apache Struts 2 Jakarta Multipart Parser remote code execution cryptocurrency campaign, is now being used by cyber-criminals to mine Electroneum coin by targeting systems running Windows operating systems.

New Monero miner capable of destroying mobile devices

A cryptocurrency mining gang is using a function normally found in SLocker Android ransomware to add self-protection and persistence to what Trend Micros is calling HiddenMiner.

Top security flaws move to Microsoft from Adobe

Hackers more likely to use cryptocurrency mining malware than an exploit kit, report says. Malware campaigns have shifted focus onto Microsoft and cryptocurrency mining rather than using flaws in Adobe Flash and exploit kits.

GhostMiner uses fileless technique to mine coins

Security researchers have discovered a new form of cryptocurrency miner that uses fileless malware to install itself on systems. The malware also removes other miners.

Google policy change abolishes ads for cryptocurrencies

Google this week updated its financial services policy, effective June 2018, to prohibit the advertising of cryptocurrencies and related content.

Cryptocurrency mining attacks increasing exponentially, no end in sight

Cryptocurrency miners are seemingly working away under every rock on the internet and there is good reason. It's an almost guaranteed payday with a negligible chance of being discovered.

Cryptocurrency: just for tax avoidance & paying cyber-hold-ups anonymously?

At a cursory glance, the cryptocurrency landscape looks an awful lot like the old Wild West - lawless, volatile, open; no viable law enforcement in sight. But is there also a more positive side to blockchain technology?

Dofoil trojan spotted and stopped after 400,000 instances recorded

Microsoft says it has discovered and stopped a large attack that attempted to use variants of the Dofoil, or Smoke Loader, trojan to spread a cryptocurrency miner.

Exploring the Coincheck hack: Could it happen in the UK?

With £475 million worth of NEM coins stolen from the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck; and more than 850,000 Bitcoin (valued around £6 billion today) stolen from MT Gox in 2014, cryptocurrencies remain a prime target.

Malware steals payments, cryptocurrency by modifying clipboard saved info

Researchers have discovered a new malware that steals cryptocurrency and other electronic funds by surreptitiously modifying wallet or payment information whenever victims copy it to their devices' clipboards.

Legal cryptocurrency mining operation's power draw creates concern

Illegal cryptocurrency mining has taken over as the primary money-generating methodology for many cyber-criminals, but even companies attempting to mine digital currency legally are running into some problems.

Cryptocurrency miner now kills off other miners

Researcher discovers coin miner that detects and switches off other miners, security tools or intense CPU processes.

RIG exploit kit strikes again, cryptocurrencies malvertising campaign

A malvertising campaign uses decoy websites pushing cryptocurrencies and then redirects users to the RIG exploit kit, Malwarebytes Labs said.

MS Word feature can be exploited to display videos that mine cryptocurrency

Malicious actors can abuse Microsoft Word's Online Video feature to deliver videos that secretly exhaust their viewers' computer processing power in order to mine cryptocurrencies, according to Israeli cyber-security firm Votiro.

One of the biggest cryptomining operations ever hits Jenkins CI servers

One of the biggest cryptomining operations ever discovered is targeting Jenkins CI servers, the most popular open source automation server in use today, causing slower performance and even denial of service attacks.

Vulnerability in Oracle's WebLogic installs Monero cryptominer on victims' machines

A malicious campaign that's been exploiting a vulnerability in Oracle's WebLogic application servers in order to install a Monero cryptominer on victims' machines spreads the threat worldwide, across virtually all industry sectors.