Cryptomining 'Calendar 2' app removed from Apple Store

News by Robert Abel

Apple pulled the popular Mac scheduling app "Calendar 2" amid controversy surrounding the apps buggy cryptomining feature.

Apple pulled the popular Mac scheduling app “Calendar 2” amid controversy surrounding the app's buggy cryptomining feature.

Developed by Obnix, the app initially ran for a flat fee of US$ 17.99 (£12.90) or a 99-cent monthly subscription to gain access to the app's full list of features. Recently the app began offering all of the advance features for free if you allowed it to “unobtrusively” mine Monero cryptocurrency in the background.

Many users however, complained that the app was cryptomining without their explicit permission and that the app was reportedly using up to 200 percent of their CPU, according to some complaints made on Twitter.

Obnix reportedly thought the app would only drain 10 to 20 percent of a Mac's computer power, depending on whether it was plugged in or not but a “perfect storm” of bugs meant it didn't work as intended, the company said.

Researcher Graham Cluley also pointed out the app was distributed via Apple's Mac App store meaning that either Apple is now allowing cryptomining apps in the store as long as they are open about what they are doing, or that Apple missed it.

Obnix said that it will submit a new version of the app without the cryptomining feature.

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