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Combat cryptojacking - avoid insecurely configured Kubernetes clusters

Unfortunately there is a lack of knowledge and governance in many businesses around Kubernetes which in turn has created gaps in their security, but there are 3 key ways that organisations can keep their Kubernetes clusters secure.

RSA: Cryptocurrency retaining value will determine this malware's success

Cryptomining is certainly one of the buzzwords flying around at RSA 2018, but with the currency's long-term viability directly tied to its value at least one cyber-security exec thinks this criminal activity's time could be limited.

Near impossible mining speeds on Verge cryptocurrency using new exploit

An unknown hacker exploited a vulnerability in the Verge cryptocurrency platform which allowed an attacker to mine the coin at nearly 1,560 Verge coins (XVG), or about US$ 78 (£55), per second.

Entry-level Rarog cryptominer flies under the radar

A relatively unknown cryptomining malware dubbed "Rarog" is giving cyber-criminals an affordable way for entry level players to enter the field.

Magento sites brute forced by cryptominers

Brute force attacks are being used to compromise Magento sites to scrape payment card data and deliver cryptomining malware.

Protecting against crypto-mining deserialisation attacks

One of the vulnerabilities that hackers have recently taken advantage of is insecure deserialisation. While insecure deserialisation is not the only method hackers use to install crypto mining malware, its use has significantly increased.

Cryptomining 'Calendar 2' app removed from Apple Store

Apple pulled the popular Mac scheduling app "Calendar 2" amid controversy surrounding the apps buggy cryptomining feature.