Customer demands could see companies struggle in 2009

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Customers will demand more for less from their suppliers next year.

Customers will demand more for less from their suppliers next year.


Nebulas Solutions Group managing director, Nick Garlick claimed that ‘more for less' will be the dominant theme in 2009 as expectation levels rise.


Garlick, said: “Customers will demand more service improvements from their suppliers than ever before and this rising tide of expectation will be coupled with tough negotiations over price.


“Measurement indicators such as ‘total cost of ownership' and ‘return on investment' will be key to all negotiations, and companies that are unable to deliver tangible benefits are likely to face real difficulties as the year progresses.”


He claimed that there is a real possibility that some companies will fall by the wayside, but organisations that are competitive, innovative and go the extra mile for customers will grow and prosper.


“This said, whilst business conditions will undoubtedly be tough, 2009 presents numerous opportunities. For instance, the virtual desktop will become a reality, not due to any major technological shift, but solely based on the power, cost and management savings it can deliver”, said Garlick.


“Historically, economic downturns have been a good time for enterprises to re-assess their IT infrastructure and adopt technologies that offer cost efficiencies. 2009 will be no different.”


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