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Medical supplier Inogen hit with breach, 30,000 possibly affected

A US-based medical device manufacturer reported that 30,000 former and current customers may have had their personal information exposed when a company employee's email account was compromised.

Saks, Lord & Taylor breached, 5 million payment cards likely compromised

Five million customer credit and debit cards offered for sale by the JokerStash hacking syndicate, also known as Fin7, likely came from records stolen from Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor between May 2017 and 28 March.

AWS S3 bucket managed by Walmart jewellery partner exposes info on 1.3M

Personal information belonging to 1.3 million customers of Walmart jewellery partner MBM Company has been exposed because yet another Amazon S3 bucket was left open on the internet.

Chase 'glitch' grants customers access to random accounts

Multiple Chase Bank customer accounts in the US were exposed after what was described as a "glitch" granted customers looking to log into their own accounts access to the accounts of random customers instead.

Uber says bug that allows 2fa bypass 'not particularly severe'

Just two months after the car-sharing service admitted to covering up a breach that exposed sensitive information on 57 million customers and drivers, a security researcher has discovered a flaw.

ICO levies £400,000 fine on Carphone Warehouse following 2015 data breach

Following a cyber-attack in 2015 that caused a data breach from one of Carphone Warehouse's computers, the company has just been given a £400,000 fine, one of the highest fines for a data-breach in the UK to date.

Yahoo to be sued over mega breach

Yahoo is being sued by a customer who is angry that the web giant did not do enough to protect his personal data

Research firm finds MICROS hackers infected more POS vendors

Trailing not too far behind the news that hackers have compromised a leading point-of-sale system is the new revelation that at least five more vendors have been hit with similar breaches

Accusations fly over HIV-positive details leak

After the details of nearly 5000 HIV-positive customers were exposed in the Mongo DB database leaks, the researchers who reported the exposure have been accused of the crime itself.