Cyber-Ark has announced enhancements to its governed and managed file transfer Inter-Business Vault.

It claimed that the new features of version 5.5 will encourage the adoption of more modern, efficient file transfer processes and will provide organisations with the flexibility required to easily add new partners and deliver business services to customers.

Among the additions is ‘My Transfer Manager', a personal, clientless file-transfer manager that features a web-based interface that improves the user-experience during manual file-transfer operations, especially for large file transfers.

In addition, if the network connectivity is interrupted while downloading a larger file, the My Transfer Manager feature enables users to resume downloading from where they left off instead of restarting the entire download process.

Roy Adar, vice president of product management, Cyber-Ark Software, said: “Cyber-Ark's combined governed and managed file transfer capabilities enable organisations to transform and streamline critical business processes and services with customers and partners while providing full control over data exchange processes.

“With the new enhancements to our Inter-Business Vault, organisations can easily upgrade their file transfer technology platform to automate and significantly increase the efficiency of business processes, while still maintaining the ability to exchange documents with their business partners that are using legacy systems.”