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Strengths: Solid feature set with many systems supported

Weaknesses: None that we found

Verdict: A complete password management appliance at a very reasonable price. Superior functionality gets it our Best Buy

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Enterprise Password Vault, or EPV, is a high-end password management powerhouse that helps administrators manage privileged account passwords across several platforms with an advanced FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography module. This vault also keeps critical password information secure using AES 256-bit encryption along with solid auditing and tracking. Installation and deployment of this system is almost plug and play. The web-based management interface is simple and intuitive to use and an organised dashboard provides a quick overview of managed systems by type, along with password usage statistics.

Flexibility and granularity is the best way to describe the system's performance. The EPV can cope with almost any system or service account. Some of these systems include operating systems such as Unix, Linux, AS/400, MVS and Windows; databases such as Sybase, Oracle, MS Access, MSSQL; firewalls such as Cisco, Checkpoint and Juniper; network devices, routers and key systems such as LDAP and Active Directory. This high amount of flexibility assures solid and secure management of all critical accounts across the entire environment. Administrators can also gain access to Windows clients using an RDP session and not have to remember or give out domain credentials.

Documentation provided with the EPV includes an installation and upgrade guide, an implementation guide and an application identity management guide. All these guides were very well organised and included many screenshots and configuration examples. Cyber-Ark provides no-cost basic support for the Enterprise Password Vault via access to the online knowledgebase and customer portal for a minimum of two years from date of purchase.

Customers can also have access to phone and email-based support as part of a support agreement. The support agreements cover eight hours a day, five days a week support at a rate of 18 per cent of the net purchase cost and 24/7 at 24 per cent.With a price starting at £11,000 this product may seem quite pricey, however we find it to be solid value for the money. The EPV gives a high amount of granularity and flexibility across an entire enterprise of systems and accounts, along with many password management features.

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