Cyber-Ark has announced the launch of a ‘Discovery & Audit' (DNA) product that aims to enable users to scan and identify privileged accounts.

The company said that this three-step standalone tool identifies these privileged access points, evaluates the user's status and flags incompliant privileged accounts that exist in the network.

Roy Adar, vice president of product management at Cyber-Ark, said: “Unmanaged, unprotected privileged accounts are all too often the critical link for executing high-profile cyber attacks. We created Cyber-Ark DNA to help organisations quickly and easily understand where their privileged accounts exist, which is the first step towards achieving privileged account security and compliance.”

Steve Mair, security and information risk advisor at Capita, said: “One of the biggest challenges for our organisation is in the number and variety of privileged accounts in place over multiple domains. The challenge of enumerating these and understanding what they are used for is not to be underestimated.

“Cyber-Ark DNA has provided a quick and easy way to identify privileged accounts which, with some analysis, has helped identify the areas we need to address as a matter of priority.”