Cyber-Ark has launched a cloud-based service for secure managed file transfer.

Inter-Business Vault as a Service, which is based on Cyber-Ark's Digital Vault technology, enables organisations to support the quick and secure exchange of files.

According to Cyber-Ark, the solution isolates sensitive data sent over the internet; users can isolate and protect files at all times to ensure data is viewed only by those with access rights based on policy, even in the cloud. It said data is encrypted and meets all industry regulatory and governance requirements.

Roy Adar, vice president of product management at Cyber-Ark Software, said: “For organisations that require a cost-effective solution for exchanging sensitive files that can be deployed quickly and with minimal training, our new cloud-based solution is an attractive option for both business and IT stakeholders.

“By deploying dedicated Digital Vaults in a cloud delivery model, Cyber-Ark effectively addresses security and audit concerns related to sharing and storing sensitive information in the cloud. Users also have the flexibility to move to an on-premise or hybrid solution for better enterprise integration as their business needs evolve.”