Cyber-attacks at sea prompt return of radio ship navigation

News by Robert Abel

The threat of possible cyberwarfare attacks against ships sea is prompting the return of navigators using radio navigation technology like Loran, as opposed to modern GPS (Global Positioning System).

Building off of the quite old Loran (long-range navigation) system created during World War II, South Korea, the US, Britain and Russia are reportedly developing their own respective versions of an earth-based navigation technology known as eLoran, according to Reuters.

The motivation is fueled by a series of disruptions to ship navigation systems in years, some of which, may have been deliberate, while others may have been the result of natural interference such as weather effects.

One of the main issues with GPS and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) is that they use weak signals which are distributed from 12,500 miles above the Earth and can be disrupted with widely available cheap jamming devices.

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