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Security industry reacts to UK police cyber-crime budget revelations

As UK police forces are revealed to have spent just £1.3 million on cyber-crime training in the last three years, security industry response is damning.

How to deflect unrequited love from hackers this Valentine's Day

Tips on keeping businesses safe this Valentine's day - treat online approaches as you would in 'real life' - with caution.

Centre for Public Safety conducts independent assessment of UK policing's cyber-security

The Centre for Public Safety has conducted a study into the standard of cyber-security found in police forces around the UK, highlighting areas for improvement.

National Cyber Security Centre HQ operational

The UK's new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) officially opens for business today as a public-facing part of GCHQ that acts as a focal point for the government to deliver authoritative advice on tackling cyber-security issues.

InfoSec 2016: 3/4 experts agree working together crucial to incident response

A group of industry experts joined for a panel to discuss enterprise-wide cyber-incident response plans and proactive techniques for a rapid response and three of the four panellists agreed it's all about the people.

New study finds loads of outdated cyber-security training in UK

Cyber-security training at many UK organisations has failed to keep up with the times.

Small businesses are losing money to cyber-criminals

SMEs are at greater risk from the consequences of cyber-attack, less able to recover, with more mission-critical data on a single machine, so educating themselves about mitigating the risk is essential says Andrew Conway.

Cyber IQ test results show UK workers know little about online threats

Research by ESET claims that UK workers show a lack of cyber-awareness, with many unable to identify common internet security terms which puts them at risk from hackers.