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Darkweb counterfeiters taken down in Europol coordinated joint action

Criminals buying and/or selling counterfeit Euro banknotes on illegal Darknet marketplaces, such as AlphaBay and Hansa Market, have been arrested in a joint operation by seven EU Member States, coordinated by Europol.

Bitcoin's booming valuation is helping attract more cybercriminals

The skyrocketing value of bitcoin and Ethereum has certainly has given cyber-criminals one more good reason to focus their efforts in this area.

Dark web vendors taking precautions after AlphaBay and Hansa takedowns

Some, but not all cyber-criminals are taking precautions to ensure they evade capture in the event of another major sting operation, thereby making law enforcement's job easier.

Defray ransomware demands payment, then taunts victims to backup data

Defray ransomware is making some minor inroads by targeting firms in the healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology fields, and contains a ransom note that taunts the victim's IT department.

Hackers steal nearly £400K from Enigma virtual currency ICO investors

Hackers stole close to £400,000 in Ethereum from Enigma, a cryptocurrency trading platform provider prior to September ICO.

Major decline in exploit kits - less financially viable than ransomware

Exploit kits are on the way out, at least that's the message in a recent blog form Digital Shadows which reports that at least four major players in the market have ceased operation since June 2016.

Online cops needed to tackle cyber-criminals in their own backyard

A select group of highly vetted police officers with an ability to proactively look for threats through the analysis of internet data could begin to turn the tables on the criminals suggests Chris Allen.

YouTubers sell phishing kits in plain view

YouTube appears to be the latest host of cybercrime advertising, as researchers unveil that they've found criminals advertising phishing kits on the video hosting site.

50 arrests for Russia's largest hacker group

Some 50 suspects from 15 Russian regions have been arrested, believed to be part of Russia's largest hacking group, responsible for Trojan and botnet attacks on Russian banks, stealing some £57 million.

Russian government equates cyber-crimes to theft

Russia is making it easier to prosecute cyber-crimes by characterising them as theft, not fraud, which will also allow the imposition of tougher penalties as it was previously difficult to establish that they were serious crimes.

Researcher warns of cyber-threat to mergers and acquisitions

A FireEye researcher has warned of cyber-criminals trying to exploit million dollar mergers and acquisition deals

Trump beats Clinton in presidential election spam race

The infamy of Donald Trump is being leveraged by canny cyber-criminals for everything from spam to credential phishing.

Will Rio Olympics herald a carnival of cyber-crime?

Brazil puts concerns over cyber-attacks at number 23 despite hosting the Olympic games, whereas the US, Germany and Japan put cyber-attacks at number one - hence extensive cybercrime is expected during the games.

POS-terminals become target of cyber-attacks in Russia this year

POS-terminals have increasingly become a target for cyber-attackers in Russia, posing a threat to ordinary buyers and shoppers, according to analysts of FinCERT

Hackers investing 40% of crime proceeds in new criminal techniques

Cyber-criminals are investing up to 40 percent of their stolen funds in improving and modernising their techniques and criminal schemes according to a recent report issued by cyber-experts at the Russian Ministry of Communications.

SC Congress: Cooperation and preparation in the face of cyber-criminality.

Troels Oeting, CISO of Barclays bank, Tim Lansdale, head of payment security at WorldPay and Bob Tarzey, analyst for QuoCirca tell the SC Congress what lies ahead

JP Morgan hackers indicted in largest theft of customer details

100 million customer details were stolen and tens of million of dollars were made off with by a "sprawling cyber-criminal enterprise" in what is now known as the largest breach of customer details in US financial history.

Why does the UK top global cybercrime hit list?

Anthony Neary describes what he sees as the six main reasons why the UK a top target for cyber-criminals.

Exclusive: NCA losing cyber-crime officers to Met's Falcon

The much-vaunted National Crime Agency, often described as 'Britain's FBI', has lost several officers to the Met Police's Falcon Squad, as 'bored' investigators look to go more hands-on with cyber-crime cases.

HMRC launches Cyber Security Command Centre

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) might not be everybody's best friend but it is ahead of the curve on information security. The tax office recently launched a new cyber-security command centre and is engaging in a clever new phishing training programme.

NCCU head: Up-skilling officers on cyber-crime our biggest challenge

Dr Jamie Saunders, director of the National Crime Agency's National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), says that UK police is making strides in bringing cyber-criminals to justice, but admits more can be done to up-skill officers, improve reporting mechanisms and to help local forces.

Prolific Apple and Facebook hackers remain a mystery

Motives behind the returning Morpho hacking group, also known as Wild Neutron, are still unclear.

Met Police chief admits cyber-crime difficulties

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe admits that the UK police are still "skimming the surface" when it comes to tackling cyber-crime, a view that is shared by security experts.

UK cyber-crime exceeds £16 billion losses, with mobile malware a major threat

Cyber-crime and cyber-enabled crimes figure highly in the latest annual National Strategic Assessment (NSA), an analysis by the National Crime Agency of serious and organised crime threats affecting the UK.

Android ransomware poses as FBI warning, demands $500 to unlock phone

Criminals also offering ransomware-as-a-service to other hackers