Cyber Defence News, Articles and Updates

Behavioural biometrics meet machine learning for fraud prevention

Learning algorithms are capable of recognising patterns in data and discern fraudsters from legitimate clients by correlating thousands of pieces of information that, most probably, wouldn't be otherwise noticeable to a human.

Using DNS as part of your cyber-security strategy

DNS is inherently vulnerable. However, when correctly implemented with hardened appliances, securely managed, it can also be an organisation's best weapon in securing its networks.

Five reasons for extra enterprise data vigilance in 2018

Securing and monitoring a complex and distributed IT infrastructure is essential for growth and regulatory compliance. But it requires cooperation by employees at all levels as well as continuous improvements to meet emerging threats.

NATO CCDCOE coordinates NATO Cyber Education and Training

As of January 2018 NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) became responsible for identifying and coordinating cyber-defence operations education and training for all NATO bodies across the Alliance.

Japan to Join the NATO CCDCOE in Tallinn

Japan is to join the ATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Tallinn, Estonia which the organisation said in a statement will further strengthen the knowledge base and reach of the 20-nation-strong centre.

US increases defences, sees Russia as enemy

The US National Security Strategy document released by the Trump administration on Monday calls for the reinforcement of cyber defences to protect government systems and critical infrastructure.

Protecting your business from the scourge of ransomware

Cyber-criminals infect devices, block access and then demand money. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to combat ransomware. However, there are steps that can be taken to minimise risk and stop the spread of infection.

Shut for the holidays? Beware, cyber-criminals may play while you're away

It's essential that IT teams complete patching, updates and changes to their networks before high volume traffic times hit so they can focus on responding quickly to network events and security issues says James Barrett.

Are we too busy with pancakes to get serious about ransomware?

Application Whitelisting ends the weak spot for Zero-Day malware in AV, but false positives may make passive process/service monitoring with alerting a better compromise between prioritising business operations over protection.

Public sector digital defence spend up 3,183%: £20m on NHS cyber unit

UK public sector expenditure on digital defences is up 3,183 percent this year - from £6 million of contracts tendered last year to £191 million tendered this year - £20m on NHS cyber unit.

Beyond prevention. How and when to use endpoint detection and response

Nicolas Capitoni says anaged Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is so valuable because it empowers organisations to cost effectively find and isolate compromised endpoints before any real damage is done.

Ransomware & ind control systems: never the twain shall meet - until now!

If ransomware infects and encrypts a device you might swap it out for another device, but Andrew Cooke explains, if HMI devices get infected, unplugging equipment isn't always feasible, so the critical thing has to be prevention.

£14.5 m cyber-security technology innovation centre plans announced

The UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport is to spend £14.5 million over three years on an innovation centre to foster the next of generation of cyber-security technology.

Will the armed forces £10bn shortfall affect the UK's cyber ability?

Reports of billion pound shortfalls in the UK armed forces means that some conventional forces will be cut back, but how will it affect cyber?

Russia's increasing cyber-capabilities underestimated?

As Russia increases its military and civilian cyber-security capabilities, is the West under-estimating these developments?

Cyber Security Challenge 2016 paints its target on energy sector

Some 42 contestants in this year's Cyber Security Challenge UK have been putting their technical and softer, human skills to the test to battle a fictional cyber-attack on an energy company.

Cyber-defence spending increased

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced that the UK will invest up to £265 million to boost the defence of military cyber-systems

Kenya opens centre to combat cyber-crime

The African continent has seen an upsurge in cyber-attacks, particularly on telecommunications infrastructure and especially via DDoS, leading Kenya to set up a new Cyber Coordination Centre.

Fallon announces new cyber-security centre for MoD

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced an investment of £40 million into the Ministry of Defence to create a Cyber Security Operations Centre.

Tracking the cyber kill chain: 'spot and block' no longer enough

It must be hard as an IT security professional not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale and sophistication of the threats facing your organisation, as the language used to describe modern cyber-attacks has become increasingly militaristic.

National Control Centre designed to ensure Russian IT security

A new National Control Centre of Defence is intended to combat cyber-threats targetting Russia and its governmental websites.

Who could deny that spies now use covert spyware?

A good spying programme in the 21st century cannot exist without good covert spyware. So it's time to put a military discipline behind defending our state IT infrastructure says Ralf Benzmüller.

UK cyber-security firms join Cameron for 'controversial' US trip

PM's Washington visit includes promoting UK cyber-skills and seeking to circumvent encryption.