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Is poor IT security putting cyber Insurance efforts at risk?

Don't expect a payout - or even an insurance policy - if you haven't taken suitable precautions to stop preventable cyber-incidents says Garry Sidaway, adding that deploying best practice is the best insurance.

How availability & 'cyber-insurance' make for prudent business planning

It's not about being hack-proof says Massimo Merlo.... this is virtually impossible. Rather, you should make your security as robust as possible and ensure your backups are not solely located on your network.

Cyber-crime empties pockets of UK businesses about £2.8bn per year

Cyber-crime costs UK businesses about £2.8 billion annually, and also accounts for 16 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

The Carphone Warehouse cyber-attack: a wake-up call to UK business

The Carphone Warehouse cyber-attack shows the potential cost of a cyber-attack but cyber-insurance can help mitigate it, says Simon Gilbert.

Can cyber-catastrophes be insured against?

Cyber-insurance: Government support to encourage reinsurance, along with quantifying of risk, would make cover for cyber-catastrophe a more viable option says research.