Custom-made for the payments industry, Visa and FireEye have launched Visa Threat Intelligence. The new service will deliver real-time threat information to sellers and vendors so they can access and act on the most crucial cyber-attacks that could breach their payment systems. 

Starting in late 2015, subscribers will be granted access to what the organisation describes as a strong web portal that extracts the latest corrective cyber-intelligence that is relevant to payment systems into actionable information that includes prompt alerts on trends in cyber-attacks, methods, malicious actors, and in-depth forensic analysis from recent data breaches.

More sophisticated users can take advantage of APIs that automatically feed threat indicator data into their own security systems. FireEye virtual execution engine (MVX™) technology will power access to advanced tools that analyse and isolate malevolent indicators from malware to identify suspicious activity happening in IP addresses and domains. Visa Threat Intelligence is also intended to provide a secure platform where clients can choose to form trusted communities and exchange real-time threat intelligence.

“Attack groups are exceptionally skilled at executing an attack across multiple organisations, identifying successful techniques and scaling those methods to an entire industry,” said Grady Summers, chief technology officer, FireEye, Inc. “By partnering with Visa, we can provide targeted intelligence to the payments industry to combat the economies of scale that attackers employ and help create a community united in a common defence.”