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INCYDER, a newly launched database of legal and policy documents adopted by international organisations active in cyber security, along with news on developments in the area, has been developed and is hosted by the Nato Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) based in Tallinn, Estonia.   

This new web-based INCYDER (International Cyber Developments Review) database has been made open to the public for free at It covers regulations from at least 15 international bodies including Nato , APEC, ITU, EU, OECD, UN and the SCO.  So, for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation for example, there is an explanation of the organisation, its foundation, members, issues discussed at the Dushanbe Summit, including summit declaration, and treaty agreements between member states.

In a press statement, LTC Jan Stinissen, a law and policy researcher from the Netherlands at the Centre commented: “As lawyers in the field of cyber-defence, my colleagues and I have found that even the main regulatory documents are scattered all over the internet, and it is often very time consuming to find the right references.” He continued, “So INCYDER is a practical research tool we have been missing. It can also be useful for many others in government, international organisations, academia, and industry.” The website will be updated periodically to keep abreast with changes in international organisations' legal and policy initiatives.

The CCDCOE is a Nato -accredited multinational organisation dealing with research and development, education, consultation and lessons learned in the field of cyber-security; it is tasked with enhancing capability, cooperation and information sharing among Nato, Nato member nations and partners in cyber-defence. INCYDER, the International Cyber Developments Review aims to serve as a central hub for easy access to the wide range of different legal and policy instruments of international organisations that make up the contemporary domain of cyber security. The searchable collection of documents has a full text search option and is periodically updated.


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