EADS has launched a cyber security centre and is set to reveal new solutions at Infosecurity Europe this week.

Developed to provide unique training and advice to help organisations combat the threat of online attacks, the Cyber Security Customers Solutions Centre (CSCSC) will be located in France, Germany and the UK and will also conduct research into emerging trends and promote awareness and knowledge to help organisations stay ahead of the criminals.

Brian Lillie, head of the UK division at EADS, said: “Our increasing dependence on cyber space has led to concern over the growing threat of attack that has the potential to destabilise the economic well-being of not just the UK but the world at large.

“”New threats are on the news daily and the use of the cyber domain by criminals is changing too. EADS is investing heavily in research to look at improved situational awareness in the cyber domain.”

Two cyber solutions will be exhibited this week at Infosecurity Europe. HOTSIM, one of the UK's first computer network defence training courses to help prevent unwarranted intrusions to networks, uses simulators to provide network operators with experience of combating cyber attaches without endangering the operational network.

Also launched is Security Cockpit, a solution for the supervision of information security that can help prevent professional attacks.