The three winners of the final Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) section of the Cyber Security Challenge have been announced.

Channon Powell, Adam Rutherford and Nicky Bloor were first, second and third respectively in the SAIC competition and have now made it through to the face-to-face stage in January 2012. This completes the online round of competitions for the current Cyber Security Challenge UK.

This competition was the last in a series of seven national online games designed by organisations in the cyber security industry to test the skills of individuals and teams. The three men will now join 86 candidates from the other six online games who will face each other in three showdowns early next year.

These will include the CyberNEXS King of the Hill, where the participants are permitted to use whatever network assessment tools are available to them to compromise and control a series of target hosts.

Larry Cox, SAIC senior vice-president and business unit general manager, said: “Our involvement in the challenge has been crucial to understanding how to recognise the skills we need in cyber security professionals. The challenge is a great way to reach out to people who may not have realised they had the talent to be part of this industry.”

Judy Baker, director of Cyber Security Challenge UK, said: “We are really pleased to have had another successful first round of competitions. It is great that some really high quality candidates are coming through and we are looking forward to meeting them and seeing what happens in the face to face stages in January and February.”