Cyber Security Challenge UK finale the most realistic cyber-attack simulation yet

News by Ava Fedorov

Yesterday, Cyber Security Challenge UK brought together the country's brightest amateur online cyber-defenders for the programme's finale, called the 'Masterclass.' Developed by a consortium of top industry authorities and experts, the Masterclass is a simulated cyber-terrorist attack on naval gun systems — the most realistic simulation to date, according to the challenge organisers.

Continuing today, the two-day Masterclass - organised by BT - is the culmination of nearly a year-long process of qualifying rounds, which sifted through thousands of registered participants, leaving only the top cyber-security talents to advance into the finale.

Aiming to address the critical skills shortage that continues to plague government bodies, as well as businesses and citizens in the UK and across the globe, the national competition has already created substantial awareness for opportunities within the cyber-security industry. Candidates will also be given access to industry-standard tools such as the Kali Linux distribution, commonly used by cyber-security practitioners across government and industry to help protect networks from cyber-terrorists, similar to those simulated in this exercise.

“The combination of industry and government expertise involved in the development of this final is unprecedented and the amount of planning that has gone into making this as close as possible to an incident is staggering,” Stephanie Daman, CEO at the Cyber Security Challenge said in an email to “Its because of this we are confident that anyone who shines over the next two days is going to be a highly valuable addition to our profession.” 

Registrations for the next set of competitions are open now on the Cyber Security Challenge website.

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