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Skills in security: Fighting the shortage - closing the gap

The talent shortage is widening. But, Kate O'Flaherty asks, what specific skills is the industry lacking and how can it fill the gap?

Cyber-security challenge winners overcome insider threat

The Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass competition winners were announced with the overall individual winner, Mo Rahman, a 22-year-old computer science student crowned the UK's best cyber security talent of 2017.

Diversity charity a memorial to Cyber Security Challenge's Stephanie Daman

Nigel Harrison, acting CEO of the Cyber Security Challenge launched the Cyber Challenge Foundation charity in memory of former CEO Stephanie Daman to further her work encouraging diversity in the sector's workforce.

Cyber Security Challenge UK looks forward to exciting year in 2017

Cyber Security Challenge UK set out its stall for 2017 at a reception in the City of London on Wednesday, outlining an extended programme to recruit more people into cyber-security.

ICYMI: Cyber-Sec challenge; Tesco hack, DDoS hits Finns; US election hack?; NHS Trust downed

In this week's In Case You Missed It we look at: Youngest Cyber-Sec winner; Tesco bank hacked; DDoS hits Finns heating; US election vulnerability; NHS Trust closed by malware

Cyber Security Challenge UK crowns youngest ever champion

An 18-year-old from Sussex has triumphed at the Cyber Security Challenge UK 2016, making him the youngest ever winner of the competition.

Cyber Security Challenge 2016 paints its target on energy sector

Some 42 contestants in this year's Cyber Security Challenge UK have been putting their technical and softer, human skills to the test to battle a fictional cyber-attack on an energy company.

Top 10 Cyber-Security Challenge UK talents chosen for European finals

The final 10 candidates who will represent the Cyber-Security Challenge UK in the European Cyber-Security Challenge (ECSC) 2016 have been chosen.

Video: New EPQ offers students equivalent of cyber-security AS level

To address the urgent need for more young people to enter the cyber-security industry, the Cyber Security Challenge UK and partners have launched the new EPQ qualification.

ICYMI: Madison extortion, Cyber-sec challenge, United bug-bounty, French intelligence, and Anonymous/ISIS spat

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at suspected Madison extorortionists, Cyber-Sec challenge finals, bug-bounty criticism, French intelligence & Anonymous' ISIS twitter battle.

Video: Young and gifted codebreakers compete in cyber-security masterclass final

Forty-two young codebreakers competed Friday in a realistic cyber-security simulation, designed to unearth hidden talent and find tomorrow's cyber-security experts.

Cyphinx: an online game to train the cyber security specialists of the future

Cyber security essentials has launched a 3D online game to help train and test the cyber-security specialists of the future and plug the UK's "skills gap"

SANS launches aptitude test for would-be cyber sleuths

Online quiz analyses applicants cyber potential, £30k scholarships up for grabs

SC Exclusive: Cyber-security fails to make the grade at university

The cyber-security skills gap is likely to continue, if not get worse, according to the numbers of people studying the subject at degree level.

Cyber-security skills gap remains a 'societal challenge'

The cyber-security skills gap is a 'societal challenge' that must be tackled by everyone, from schools and universities to citizens and businesses, a panel of experts said in London today.

Women in cyber security: Changing pathways and perceptions

Security consultant Dr Jessica Barker says that the next step to getting more women into cyber security hinges on changing minds and career pathways.

Cyber Security Challenge joins with GCHQ for security development programme

The Cyber Security Challenge is linking with GCHQ to develop counter-espionage and cyber security skills for the real world.

InfoSec Skills launches cyber security skills programme

InfoSec Skills Ltd have embarked on a new scheme to help close the national 'skills gap' in information security.

Cyber security skills gap a 'legacy problem'

The much-debated cyber security skills gap was the topic of debate at two separate conferences in the UK on Tuesday.

Masters-level opportunity presented by UK universities and Cyber Security Challenge

The Cyber Security Challenge has partnered with 15 UK universities to find ideas from masters' students to discover new ways to improve trust in the online world.

Business and management skills training launched by Cyber Security Challenge and Infosec Skills

Registrations for online competitions for information security management, business continuity management and information risk management open today.

Chemist Stephen Miller named as the 2013 winner of the Cyber Security Challenge

Chemist Stephen Miller has followed a postman and student as the third winner of the Cyber Security Challenge.

Brit is runner-up in US Department of Defense challenge

A software developer has been named as the number one civilian in the world after winning a US Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center challenge.