Cyber-security job vacancies in the UK have grown 73% in the past year

News by Danielle Correa

Over the past year, the number of job postings in the UK for positions requiring skills in Internet of Things (IoT) related technologies has increased by 70 percent – and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Demand for IoT skills rose 120 places in the ranking of IT jobs but there were massive jumps in demand for other disciplines, too.


Gemalto found a surge in demand for applicants with skills in Big Data, artificial intelligence and data analytics. The UK has experienced growth in cyber-security vacancies of 73 percent over the past 12 months.


Companies are looking for people who can build security architecture, which rose by 43 percent, and also for security engineers, which rose by nine percent.


Enterprise data management is also in demand, with the skill increasing its ranking of importance in IT jobs by 35 places compared to 2015. The median salary for a data manager grew by seven percent.


Skill in Big Data moved up 12 places in the list of most desired attributes. The number of permanent jobs citing data analytics grew by 15 percent and 62 places in the rankings.


Knowledge in artificial intelligence has become one of the most desired skills, with the number of roles mentioning it increasing by 300 percent. This resulted in a rise of 240 places in the IT skills league table.


“Technology moves at an incredibly fast pace and companies are continuously looking for the people with the skills to help them embrace the latest innovations. Growth in smart cities is building interest in IoT but in order to get ahead, companies need to be looking for a range of skills, not just one, to set them apart from their competitors,” said Nicolas Chalvin, VP – M2M / IoT solutions and services at Gemalto.


“Given the growth in demand for IoT knowledge, it's encouraging to see demand for cyber-security skills also on the increase – showing that organisations appreciate the need to secure the data they collect. As more IoT projects go live, keeping these secure is vital to ensuring consumer confidence in their usage, protecting confidential data and making them a success.”

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