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Are SOCs failing? People-centric security is key in attack detection

In order for an organisation to see a clear return on its SOC investment - an investment that can currently see millions spent and effectively nothing gained - it needs to ask where its efforts are best focused says Luke Jennings

Rate of data compromise revealed: 121 records per sec; defenders lagging

More data records have been breached in the first six months of 2017 than the whole of 2016. The Gemalto Breach Level Index reports that this amounts to an astonishing 121 records lost or stolen every second of every day.

How can the legal industry address the threat of online scams?

More than a quarter of law firms in England and Wales were targeted by fraudsters in 2016, with most attempted scams taking place online, but there are a number of steps which can be taken to prevent attacks says Peter Groucutt

Protecting the cloud - a GDPR issue that can't simply be outsourced

With increasing reliance on cloud applications, businesses must start taking the issue of security in the cloud seriously. They must start asking the right questions about the service providers they are looking at says Joe Pindar

Protecting your network hive: 4 security trends you need to know about

In our connected society, securing the network "hive" is very much a team effort. Only by assessing and defining the landscape in the first instance can a successful security strategy be put in place says Russell Crampin

Threat hunting? Ditch the SIEM and use the principles of Big Data

The human is the most essential part of any security programme and they need frictionless ways to work with data, be more productive, secure their environments, and apply their own methods to their tools says Josh Mayfield.

The steps you must take to keep malware right outside your organisation

Creating policies that prevent users from exposing the company to threats while maintaining business continuity takes the maximum amount of risk off the table says Sam Hutton.

Balancing digital good / bad - ensure visibility, take responsibility

Cloud gives certain tools. We need to understand as organisations where our core competence is and for many companies, it's not infrastructure." But he added that you do need visibility about what is going on.

100% of breached PCI certified companies failed PCI compliance audit

PCI DSS compliance doesn't guarantee security, but half of PCI certified companies aren't compliant which does indicate vulnerability to cyber-attack. "It's not a project, it's a programme - something you need to maintain."

Companies need to adopt a culture-shift to ensure cyber-threat awareness

To combat cyber-attacks we need to look at a cultural change within the company and shunt Cyber Security higher up the agenda. A great start could be ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management standard says Tim Schraider.

Organisations must wake up and ensure they actively manage cyber-security

Recent cyber-attacks reveal how vulnerable organisations are and that those who actively manage security have limited damage and recovered fastest says Matthias Maier

The invisible enemy? What to ask our AI system suppliers.

Staying safe and protecting data is increasingly going to be in the hands of artificial intelligence says Peter Boyle who adds, that we need to get this right, spot attacks and breaches earlier, and cut security costs.

Most corporate information systems are just two steps away from failure

The level of security of Wi-Fi networks and user awareness regarding information security has fallen significantly; a Positive Technologies security audit says mostly due to common vulnerabilities not needing much skill to implement.

Preparing for the next big cyber-attack - it affects everyone

Rory Duncan advocates breaking down traditional silos within organisations, and creating a culture of openness as security affects everyone and if organisations tackle these challenges together, the benefits will be far greater.

Czechs build new cyber-security HQ

A ten-fold increase in staffing is planned for the Czech National Cyber-Security Centre (NCSC) according to recently announced government plans.

ICYMI 2016 - What an explosive year!

You couldn't miss Cyber Security this year as it was all over the mainstream media in an explosion of hacks and breaches, but if you did have your eyes and ears closed, In Case You Missed It 2016's highlights and lowlights revisits the most read stories published by SC in the UK.

Bulgaria adopts cyber-resilience strategy

Bulgaria adopts a new national strategy to bolster its cyber-security efforts, reportedly one of the last countries in Europe to produce such a strategy.

Polish government drafts cyber-security strategy, eyes new cyber-security institution

The Polish government has drafted a new cyber-security strategy as part of plans to encourage growth.

Industry sceptical of new NIS directive passed today

European member states face a new set of cyber-security rules following a vote in the European Parliament's Internal Markets Committee but industry experts were not impressed.

Video: Don't give up on protecting your systems, says Check Point president

The cyber-security landscape is changing quickly and IT professionals need to keep their systems up to date or fall prey to ever-more sophisticated hackers, says Amnon Bar-Lev in our video interview.

Is the security industry failing SMEs?

Kentucky-based CISO says security industry and UK government are failing SMEs in the UK.

ICYMI: BoE Bank Test; Ransomware; Mac Malware; Russia cyber-security capabilities; RSA coverage;

The latest In Case You Missed It: Bank of England simulation, ransomware photo threat, 2015 worst for Mac malware, Russiab cyber-warfare lead, RSA report.

Keeping pace with an evolving cyber-crime landscape

Luke Brown explains why today's cyber-security strategy needs to focus more on data protection technologies and strategies.

Are you serious about cyber-security? Security Serious Week opens

It's Security Serious Week, a campaign designed to bring industry experts together to make others more serious about cyber-security.

Country's largest cyber security organisations collaborate to design cyber-security challenge

In effort to find the UK's upcoming talent, country's largest cyber security organisations collaborate to design cyber-security challenge.

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The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Yahoo scraping passwords; Japanese airports hack; French CyberSec policy; SC in contactless theft; Dridex back

In-car security systems not yet ready for autonomous driving

Automotive industry running to catch up with cyber-security issues ahead of releasing first autonomous cars onto nation's highways.