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Czechs build new cyber-security HQ

A ten-fold increase in staffing is planned for the Czech National Cyber-Security Centre (NCSC) according to recently announced government plans.

ICYMI 2016 - What an explosive year!

You couldn't miss Cyber Security this year as it was all over the mainstream media in an explosion of hacks and breaches, but if you did have your eyes and ears closed, In Case You Missed It 2016's highlights and lowlights revisits the most read stories published by SC in the UK.

Bulgaria adopts cyber-resilience strategy

Bulgaria adopts a new national strategy to bolster its cyber-security efforts, reportedly one of the last countries in Europe to produce such a strategy.

Polish government drafts cyber-security strategy, eyes new cyber-security institution

The Polish government has drafted a new cyber-security strategy as part of plans to encourage growth.

Industry sceptical of new NIS directive passed today

European member states face a new set of cyber-security rules following a vote in the European Parliament's Internal Markets Committee but industry experts were not impressed.

Video: Don't give up on protecting your systems, says Check Point president

The cyber-security landscape is changing quickly and IT professionals need to keep their systems up to date or fall prey to ever-more sophisticated hackers, says Amnon Bar-Lev in our video interview.

Is the security industry failing SMEs?

Kentucky-based CISO says security industry and UK government are failing SMEs in the UK.

ICYMI: BoE Bank Test; Ransomware; Mac Malware; Russia cyber-security capabilities; RSA coverage;

The latest In Case You Missed It: Bank of England simulation, ransomware photo threat, 2015 worst for Mac malware, Russiab cyber-warfare lead, RSA report.

Keeping pace with an evolving cyber-crime landscape

Luke Brown explains why today's cyber-security strategy needs to focus more on data protection technologies and strategies.

Are you serious about cyber-security? Security Serious Week opens

It's Security Serious Week, a campaign designed to bring industry experts together to make others more serious about cyber-security.

Country's largest cyber security organisations collaborate to design cyber-security challenge

In effort to find the UK's upcoming talent, country's largest cyber security organisations collaborate to design cyber-security challenge.

ICYMI: Yahoo passwords; Japanese airports; French Cyber-sec; Contactless theft; Dridex back

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Yahoo scraping passwords; Japanese airports hack; French CyberSec policy; SC in contactless theft; Dridex back

In-car security systems not yet ready for autonomous driving

Automotive industry running to catch up with cyber-security issues ahead of releasing first autonomous cars onto nation's highways.

Big data offers cyber-attack early warning

Analysis of big data in real time provides a granularity of insight into normal network behaviour, allowing earlier identification of abnormal behaviour.

ICYMI: Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability; suppressed car hack; sound authentication and critical IE fix

In this week's In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): Big data leaking; Salesforce vulnerability patched; suppressed car hack; ambient sound authentication and critical IE fix.

Japan to train thousands on cyber-security ahead of 2020 Olympics

Japan will train approximately 50,000 people in the public and private sectors on cyber-security ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, according to local reports.

UK minister: Cyber-security a 'priority' for government, but no ban on encryption

UK minister Ed Vaizey has dismissed media reports that the Conservative government plans to ban encryption, whilst also promising that cyber-security remains a 'priority' in Whitehall.

ICYMI: Quantum encryption; FBI ransomware alerts; Ipv6 VPN services; Android mobiles; Ransomware

This week's In Case You Missed It looks at Toshiba's 'unbreakable' quantum encryption; FBI Ransomware alerts; VPN IPv6 vulnerability; 97% of malicious mobile malware targets Android; 1/3 UK companies hit by ransomware.

ICYMI: Polish airlines, Samsung, VoIP, LinkedIn bounty, Verify limitations

ICYMI: Lot airline DDoS attack; Samsung keyboard vulnerability, poor VoIP server security; LinkedIn bug bounty programme, Verify programme has severe privacy/security problems.

Start building and testing your cyber-security plans, say experts

Prioritise your assets and prioritise the actions you need to take to protect, monitor, and then remediate and recover from a data breach, said speakers at the Westminster eForum in London today.

'Snooper's Charter' and cyber-security get royal seal of approval in Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech today confirms government plans to push on through with the Draft Communications Bill, otherwise known as 'Snooper's Charter', while also endeavouring to monitor online terrorist communication and keep citizens safe from cyber-attacks.

NSA chief calls for cyber-cooperation, still supports encryption

Michael S Rogers, the Chief of the US Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency, has called for international cooperation on cyber-crime, and says that the Internet cannot be ruled by one governing body.

New GCSE to focus on cyber-security, encourage students to DoS around

A new computer science GCSE course, developed by examining body OCR, looks set to bring cyber-security education to secondary school children in the UK.