Cyber-space wars may require new international regimes

News by Robert Abel

While it might not include the Death Star cyber-warfare among the stars is almost inevitable.

While it might not include the Death Star, Millennium Falcon, or light sabers, cyber-warfare in space is practically inevitable, requiring a new international regime to protect satellites and other space infrastructure as they become likely targets of attack, International Security Department research found. 

Most of the world's critical infrastructure including communications, air transport, maritime trade, financial services, environmental monitoring and defence systems depend on space infrastructure, according to the research paper. So attacks on the space infrastructure could have serious consequences for Earthlings below.

In order to protect it, researchers noted an urgent need for an international effort to develop a flexible, multilateral space and cyber-security regime led by an international community of able states and other critical stakeholders within the international space supply chain and insurance industry, researchers said in the post.

“Technology alone cannot provide the basis for policymaking on cyber-security,” the paper said, adding it doesn't allow the breadth or depth to encourage comprehensive participation by those stakeholders.


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