Cyber Threats News, Articles and Updates

Microsoft adds ransomware protection, recovery tools to Office 365

Microsoft has rolled out a series of new tools to protect its Office 365 Home and 365 Personal customers from a variety of cyber-threats, including ransomware.

Widespread security inertia leaving enterprises vulnerable to hackers

Even though enterprises across the world face varied cyber-threats in the form of ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, and attacks on unsecured data stored in the cloud, alarming levels of security inertia hold them back.

Agritech businesses in race to protect farmers from cyber-threats

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionise the farming and agricultural sector, but many agritech companies are concerned by the cyber-threats associated with the technology.

Malvertising hits eBay subsidiary

A site for classified advertising popular in the UK, Australia and South Africa was hit with a malvertising attack.

Stop waiting and start hunting

Mav Turner explains why threat hunting is a growing focus for IT security strategies.

Gyft resets some customer passwords following breach

Passwords have been reset for a number of Gyft users as a precaution after account data was reported for sale.

Apple security updates: a sign of things to come

While Patch Tuesday is a well-known event for Microsoft and Adobe users, Apple product owners this week received a dose of reality when they found themselves on the receiving end of several security updates.

Is North Korea climbing to the top of the cyber-attack tree?

Pete Shoard asks how powerful are less developed countries such as North Korea when it comes to cyber-threats, and can it be regarded as a major player in cyber-warfare anyway for the impact it has achieved?

Compromised WordPress sites redirect visitors to Nuclear Exploit Kit

Thousands of websites have been compromised with malware code that ultimately redirects visitors to a landing page hosting the Nuclear Exploit Kit.

Russia and Israel cooperate to fight cyber-terrorism

Russia and Israel have reached an agreement on the design of a package of measures aimed at more actively fighting cyber-terrorism and reducing cyber-threats.

Users getting hit by Crypt0L0cker update to TorrentLocker ransomware

In this latest ransomware expect advances in how they are delivered and how they take instructions from the command-and-control server

RSA 2015: Prepare for the IoT before it's too late, Sorebo warns

Gib Sorebo's RSA session, Managing the unmanageable: A risk model for the Internet of things, explains how the law of unintended consequences on the Internet will only get worse

RSA 2015: protecting critical infrastructure

As Robert Hinden, Check Point Fellow, described in his Wednesday RSA session, Protecting Critical Infrastructure, hacking physical infrastructure is something that can affect us all, and like IT systems, there are many vulnerabilities, but the consequences are much greater, and the attacks have begun.

RSA 2015: Point-of-sale system security is lacking

The vulnerabilities exploited in most point-of-sale breaches are relatively simple, security experts discussed at RSA Conference 2015.

RSA 2015: Panellists debate a way forward for matters of cyber-conflict

Panellists at RSA 2015 discussed cyber-espionage and intellectual property theft affecting companies and steps the private and public sector must take to curb the threat.

RSA 2015: Experts discuss six dangerous attack techniques

Data breaches, ransomware, and threats against industrial control system were were discussed during an RSA Conference 2015 session on dangerous attack techniques.

RSA 2015: Intel SVP looks to Moneyball story to inspire offensive strategies

At RSA Conference in San Francisco, Intel Security Group SVP and General Manager Christopher Young challenged the industry to write its own Moneyball story.

Breach readiness survey shows most stray from IRP best practices

The responses of global practitioners were compared with Global 1000 security execs, which provided a best practices benchmark.