Cyber War News, Articles and Updates

Governments need to act now to protect citizens and society from cyber-war

Containing the cyber-threat to society requires both coherent government leadership and strategy. There is a danger of unintentionally drifting into war by pushing the envelope too far or through careless significant collateral damage.

War plans including assassination plan stolen by North Korean hackers

North Korean hackers have stolen the joint South Korean-US plans for war with the north, including plans to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jung Un according to an FT report quoting South Korea's Democratic party.

Attack on South Korean "vaccine" router blamed on North Korea

North Korea is suspect number one in an attack against South Korea's cyber command last month, according to a member of the main opposition party, Minjoo.

Industry's cyber-security "market failure" must be addressed

Valuing cyber-risk key to addressing "market failure" around cyber-security, said a deputy director at the Cabinet Office in a speech to the Westminster eForum.

Little change expected in the wake of US-China cyber deal

The cyber-security announcement made by presidents Obama and Xi on 25 September is being met with a healthy dose of scepticism, with industry insiders indicating the agreement will lead to little, if any, real change.

Ukrainian government to counter cyber-attacks

Ukraine has draw up a new state strategy for IT security following wholesale breaches of the government's online presence.

North Korea threatens US with cyber-warfare

A war of words has broken out between the US and North Korea over the Sony data breach, with Pyongyang now threatening to battle Obama's administration 'in all war spaces including cyber-warfare space'.

Anonymous group in DDoS Kremlin attack

A division of hactivism group Anonymous says that it was behind an attack on the websites of the Russian presidency, the Russian Central Bank and the Foreign Ministry on Friday.

Cyber reserves call on private sector

When the UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced he was establishing a Joint Cyber Reserve to create a cyber attack capability, reaction focussed on the 'attack' angle, but further questions also arose.

Cyber slings and arrows

The concept of cyber war is a 'to and fro' subject for us in the media.

The art of cyber war in six steps

As the number and severity of cyber crimes continues to grow, it is important to understand the actual process an attacker follows when compromising a targeted computer or network.

UK cyber security efforts called 'embarrassing'

The UK's investment in cyber security has been branded as 'embarrassing' by the former US cyber intelligence officer at the department of defence.

Attacks on South Korea likely the work of hacktivists rather than aggressors from the North

Yesterday's attacks on South Korean banks and broadcasters are more likely to be the work of hacktivists than state-sponsored adversaries.

NATO-backed guidebook offers guidance on cyber attacks

The UK's cyber defence has taken an upturn with support from the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) and the development of a manual defining cyber war.

RSA Conference: US government security coordinators highlight key strategies for future

Calls have been made for the US Congress to work on and approve information security policies to enable a more secure environment.

Red October controllers begin shutting down infrastructure

The operators of the Red October espionage campaign have begun shutting down the infrastructure behind it.