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Darkest Hour? Cyber-war clouds gather as unprecedented threat looms

The internet is more than an infrastructure - it mediates human behaviour so it can have unprecedented impact - threatening our survival. It can be manipulated to constitute an insider threat on an unprecedented scale.

The USA goes nuclear: how should the security community react?

The attribution of a cyber-attack is a key question in this debate about nuclear responses. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint the source of a tech invasion, as complex coding techniques mean users are able to retain online anonymity.

Nuclear weapons vulnerable to cyber-attack due to outdated legacy systems

UK and US nuclear weapons systems - along with the rest of our critical infrastructure - suffer from dependency on legacy systems, leaving them at risk of cyber-attack according to a new report.

The Kosciuszko Institute cyber-security forecasts for 2018

Expert members of the European Cyber-security Forum - CYBERSEC community representing the public and private sectors plus academia share their opinions on the top challenges we are going to face this year.

Report: Vietnamese unit formed to fight controversial ideas on internet

The Vietnamese government has reportedly deployed a military cyber-warfare unit compromised of more than 10,000 digital soldiers to combat and censor views on the internet that it finds threatening or "wrong."

NATO drawing up cyber counterattack contingency plans

Several NATO members are contemplating a change in the alliance's doctrine regarding how it might react to future cyber-attacks, possibly enabling a more robust response.

Bring technologists quickly into leadership positions says ex GCHQ head

News Feature: Interview with ex-GCHQ director Robert Hannigan CMG; tech leaders on the board; terrorists to achieve ability to wreak cyber-chaos in 5 years; DDoS as smokescreen/DDoS Awareness Day; active cyber-defence.

New EU framework allows members to consider cyber-attacks acts of war

A forthcoming policy framework from the EU will declare that cyber-attacks from hostile actors can be considered an act of war that under the most serious of circumstances justifies a response with conventional weapons.

Cyber-Sec pros targeted: NATO cyber-conflict event in cyber-conflict

In a stroke of ironical genius, Russian hackers have targeted security conference attendees with a targeted phishing campaign.

Malicious websites targeting Israeli institutions- TwoFace webshell link

A webshell used to harvest credentials from an unnamed Middle Eastern organisation appears to be targeting Israeli institutions and may possibly be linked to the Iranian APT group OilRig.

German elections vulnerable to hacking: 'cyber-warfare' say security pros

Chaos Computer Club warned that software being used to tabulate and transmit vote totals in Germany's upcoming parliamentary elections contains major vulnerabilities; election hacking equals cyber-warfare says security pros

Weaponised AI. Davey Winder asks the industry - is that a thing yet?

According to research announced during the recent Black Hat conference in Vegas, some 62 per cent of infosec pros reckon weaponised AI will be in use by threat actors within 12 months.

ICYMI: £77m phish; Czech win; ATM theft; Netflix ransom; Bank squat

In Case You Missed It: Google & Facebook phished; Czechs win exercise; ATM theft; Netflix ransom snub; Bank domains spoofed

Czech team wins Locked Shields 2017 cyber-defence exercise in Tallinn

In its eighth year now, the Locked Shields cyber-defence contest in Estonia has crowned the team from Czech Republic as the overall winners.

Nato CCD COE - Romanian minister lauds diplomacy's role in cyber-space

Diplomacy has a significant role in cyberspace alongside the intelligence agencies, ministries and law enforcement structures, says Romanian minister of foreign affairs Teodor Meleșcanu.

Poland must be wary of Russia's renewed appetite for cyber-warfare

Successful attacks on American democratic institutions may increase Russian appreciation of what can be achieved in cyber-warfare, says Joanna Świątkowska.

Israel-UK cyber-security lessons - shared concerns, shared responses

Israel is under constant threat and conscription gives its army access to its brightest students - what can the UK learn from its approach to and understanding of cyber-terrorism?

Are there any facts about Post-truth?

Fake news, selective leaking of hacked data, lies and deception - the new attacks are just deception updated. If we choose to only believe our bias, and ignore difficult facts, then we are helping those who would deceive us.

ICYMI 2016 - What an explosive year!

You couldn't miss Cyber Security this year as it was all over the mainstream media in an explosion of hacks and breaches, but if you did have your eyes and ears closed, In Case You Missed It 2016's highlights and lowlights revisits the most read stories published by SC in the UK.

Stop progress now!

Whether we like it or not, things are going to change in 2017. Not everything will be for the better, so we have to simply accept that we are in a cyber-arms race with our adversaries, and do our damndest to stay one step ahead.

ICYMI:PSN hacked; Russia prepares; Internet blackouts; Mirai botnet use; GDPR & Brexit

This week In Case You Missed It looks at: PSN hack on B1 launch; Russia prepares for retaliation; Blackouts from Dyn DDoS; Mirai botnets cause Dyn blackouts; Brexit confuses GDPR plans.

ICYMI: US to retaliate; 6,000 stores hacked; Euro CyberSec exercise; GDPR preparation

ICYMI: This week: The buck stops with Obama; 6000 e-commerce stores hacked; largest ever pan-European cybersec exercise; preparation for the GDPR and mounting security spends

Russia prepares to prevent possible US cyber-attacks

Following the US announcements that it is planning to retaliate for presumed Russian hacking of the DNC, Russia says it is making preparations to mitigate the impact of any such attack, while suggesting the US has more to lose.

CIA readies itself for cyber-attack on Russia

"Covert" action against Russia planned by Obama administration says NBC report

Lithuania launches National Cyber-Security Centre as Eastern Europe ramps up cyber-defences

The Lithuanian government has officially launched the country's National Cyber-Security Centre (NKSC) amid increased efforts by Eastern European countries to protect themselves against potential cyber-attacks.

NATO to spend €70 million on 'cyber-refresh'

The NATO Information Assurance and Cyber Defence Symposium (NIAS) in Mons is expected to outline the alliance's vision and plans to boost capabilities including cyber-security expenditure priorities.

NATO CCDCOE considers cyber-warfare cooperation

NATO CCDCOE urged to promote cooperation in training of cyber-defence experts as the cyber realm declared a theatre of war.

World's largest international cyber-defence exercise underway in Tallinn

Some 26 nations and more than 550 computer experts are engaged in the worlds biggest 'live fire' international cyber-defence exercise - Locked Shields.

Fallon announces new cyber-security centre for MoD

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced an investment of £40 million into the Ministry of Defence to create a Cyber Security Operations Centre.