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Cyber a top priority, Russia will flex muscle in 2018 midterms

Russia has continued its assault on the underpinnings of US democracy, sowing discord among the electorate in some instances by marshaling bots to mount disinformation campaigns.

Indian cyber-security event opened by PM, supported by UK

A demonstration of how seriously India is taking cyber-security is that the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote speech at the Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) 2017 in New Delhi, India.

CYBERCOM 'reluctant' to cut off Islamic State internet

The US Cyber-Command is hesitant to shut down the Islamic State's online capability, and with apparently good reason

SC Congress Chicago: New vulnerabilities, new threats stress old security models

When it comes to what security professionals need to do to protect their organisations not much has changed in a couple of decades, though perimeters have all but dissolved and the timeframe for taking action has become more compressed, according to members of a Tuesday panel at SC Congress in Chicago.

Surprises abound in global survey of cyber-security skills

Raytheon's global survey of cyber-security skills has confirmed a gender gap in education, uncovered surprise growth in Middle East skill sets and revealed ambivalent attitudes to cyber-security among so-called millennials.

China claims deal made with US over cyber-security; US officials not talking

Although US officials met with a Chinese government envoy this past weekend, it remains unclear whether the two countries made any lasting deal for cyber actions between them.

Symantec now protecting one billion IoT devices

Symantec reported that its security software is now protecting more than 1 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices and as this number expands so will security risks associated with these products.

Should you use cyber insurance to mitigate risk?

While still a relatively immature industry, cyber insurance can reduce the costs of recovering from a breach, and, as Tony Morbin reports, it can also play a role in driving adoption of best practice, including de-facto standards in critical infrastructure.

The role of cyber war games in developing advanced cyber defence

The emerging concept in preparation of advanced cyber defence is cyber war games.