Cyber-Attack News, Articles and Updates

Power industry significantly concerned of cyber-threats, says industry exec

National Grid spokesperson tells SC "gas and electricity networks are isolated from our everyday business systems to ensure our networks remain safe and reliable."

UK orgs are adopting the cloud despite high-profile cyber-attacks

Fears of being hit by a cyber-attack or data protection fines aren't standing in the way as businesses are moving forward with their digital transformation plans.

Preventing cyber-attacks in the wake of the NHS WannaCry incident

Gavin Russell looks cyber-vulnerability detection and how to prepare for and prevent future attacks like the recent NHS WannaCry incident.

Russian hackers breached electoral systems of 39 US states

Russian hackers reportedly breached the electoral systems of at least 39 states during the summer and fall of 2016 accessing software designed to be used by poll workers on Election Day.

WannaCry in the NHS: who takes responsibility?

In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware which took out over 60 NHS trusts, SC ponders on where the blame lays.

Hospitals turn patients away as NHS caught up in global ransomware attack

A combination of WannaCrypt0r and the EternalBlue exploit harvested from the NSA is forcing the closure of networks around the world including many NHS trusts in the UK.

Mysterious Felismus RAT poses powerful threat

Forcepoint Lab researchers spotted a remote access trojan (RAT) dubbed Felismus which has a modular construction that allows it to hide and or extend its capabilities.

Delta fake ticket receipt scam redirects to Hancitor malware

User's surprised by their surprise booking and re-accommodation, receive an email stating that the user's order has been confirmed.

20% of British firms were victims of a cyber-attack in the past year

According to new research released today by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), one in five British businesses were hit by a cyber-attack in the last 12 months.

Union Bank of India cyber-attacked similar to Bangladesh heist

Hackers launched an attack against Union Bank of India that was very similar to the attack Bangladesh bank heist that resulted in the theft of $81 million.

Hackers compromise third-party vendor Amazon accounts

The threat actors have reportedly changed the bank-deposit information on the compromised accounts to steal thousands from the users.

Wordpress hit with torrent attacks and malicious javascript

Dubbed, Sathurbot, the Trojan is disguised in a software torrent containing an apparent installer executable and a small text file.

Watching the evolution throughout a targeted attack

Luis Corrons discusses the detection of an attacker inside a prospects network.

APT 10's Cloud Hopper campaign has been exposed

The group behind the attacks, APT10, has targeted Canada, Brazil, France, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and India.

UK and US warn airports and nuclear facilities could be targets of cyber-attacks

Airports and nuclear power plants in the US and UK are on alert for cyber-attacks after governments in both countries issued alerts.

Cyber-attack: how to prepare your organisation for 'the new normal'

With a marked increase in cyber-attacks on organisations in the private sector, David Mytton explains some important ways to prepare for what's fast becoming the inevitable.

Demi Lovato nudes leaked, scammer targets private citizens for sex shows

A spear-phishing scammer demanded a sex show from a private citizen after obtaining the victim's email credentials.

Hired Hackers target driverless car tech prompting threat sharing colab

A group of cyber mercenaries targeted Baidu's driverless car technology prompting the tech company to beef up security.

IT pros fear cyber-espionage may be top 2017 threat

A recent Trend Micro study found 20 percent of IT leaders believe cyber-espionage will be the top threat of 2017.

Celebgate repeat? Private images of Emma Watson and others leaked

In a manner that is becoming too familiar, hackers have once again broken into the iCloud accounts of female celebrities.

Locked out: Hotel latest to pay up in ransomware attack

Peter Godden advises how to avoid a situation such as being hit by a fourth cyber-attack, as an Austrian hotel experienced earlier this year.

Hackers steal nude Kate Moss wedding photos

Kate Moss has become the latest celebrity to have her digital files targeted for intimate photos.

Emily Ratajkowski's iCloud hacked, nude photos allegedly leaked

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski's iCloud account has again been hacked with as many as 200 sexually explicit images being removed.

Pittsburgh teen launched cyber-attacks on Belgium airport after ISIS attacks

A Pittsburgh child admitted to launching cyber-attacks on the Brussels airport just hours after last year's ISIS attacks.

Kaspersky: DDoS attacks growing stronger with unsecured IoT

Kaspersky researchers spotted a record setting 292 hour-long DDoS attack in Q4 2016, significantly beating the previous quarter's maximum attack.

Flokibot Trojan spotted targeting Brazilian POS infrastructure

Arbor Networks researchers spotted the Flokibot malware family to target Point of Sale Infrastructure in Brazil and other countries.

Stuxnext leaker pardoned by Barack Obama; Manning sentence slashed 80%

Instead of being sentenced, General James Cartwright, the man believed to have leaked the secret that the US and Israeli armies had developed the Stuxnet malware was pardoned by the outgoing Obama administration.

123 Reg again hit with DDoS attack

The UK domain registration site 123 Reg was hit with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, its second in six months, late last week.

Mobile malware disguised as Microsoft docs spread via WhatsApp

Mobile malware was spotted targeting WhatsApp users in India through messages claiming to be from government agencies.