Cyber-Crime News, Articles and Updates

Cyber-criminals reap the benefits of cross-community collaboration

Cyber-criminals across multiple regions have evolved their communication strategies to become more collaborative than their victims.

IoT botnets Mirai and Hajime forming a monster rivalry

The Mirai malware that has created massive botnets out of hijacked Internet of Things devices has met a formidable opponent in Hajime, a rival IOT worm whose intent may possibly be to declaw Mirai.

Email scam hits Australian businesses

An elaborate email scam is unfolding in Australia that is infecting computers with malware. The emails appear to come from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Almost half of UK firms hit by cyber-breach or attack in the past year

Government report says seven in ten large companies identified a breach or attack with firms holding personal data more likely to be attacked primarily by fraudulent emails, followed by viruses and malware.

1.7M Snapchat user details allegedly posted in India

After alleged comments from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel appeared in Variety, hackers in India, as yet unidentified, took the disparaging remarks personally and in an apparent act of revenge claimed to have posted personal details of 1.7 million Snapchat users online.

20% of British firms were victims of a cyber-attack in the past year

According to new research released today by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), one in five British businesses were hit by a cyber-attack in the last 12 months.

Execution of largest hack in YouTube history claimed by OurMine

The OurMine hackers known for hijacking online social media accounts, supposedly to test their security, executed what it's calling the largest hack in YouTube history.

Five arrests made in Spain and the UK for charges of cyber-crime

On Saturday, police forces from Spain and the UK broke up a cyber-crime ring that led to five arrests.

Callisto Group hackers target UK Foreign Office with phishing campaign

The Callisto Group is said to behind a spear-phishing campaign in the UK intent on gathering intel.

New Android OS blocks ransomware using system-type windows

Along with new features, Google's latest iteration of its mobile operating system for Android devices, Android O, blocks ransomware, at least malware using system-type windows

Europol and Brazil sign strategic agreement to combat cyber-crime

On Tuesday, Brazil and Europol signed a strategic agreement to work more closely together to combat cyber-crime and other cross-border crime.

Hackers compromise third-party vendor Amazon accounts

The threat actors have reportedly changed the bank-deposit information on the compromised accounts to steal thousands from the users.

Wordpress hit with torrent attacks and malicious javascript

Dubbed, Sathurbot, the Trojan is disguised in a software torrent containing an apparent installer executable and a small text file.

Watching the evolution throughout a targeted attack

Luis Corrons discusses the detection of an attacker inside a prospects network.

McAfee Labs highlights critical challenges to threat intel sharing

McAfee catalogues 176 new cyber-threats every minute, almost three every second; ransomware up 88 percent, mobile malware up 99 percent in 2016.

HP Innovation Summit: Save the printer, save the world! But how?

Nick Lazaridis, EMEA president of HP Inc, opened HP's Innovation Summit in London on Wednesday by deploying the classic fear offence: cyber-crime is growing and everything is "scary".

Poor security awareness leaves UK consumers vulnerable to cyber-crime

Poor security awareness and an uncontrollable demand for mobile apps are placing UK consumer identities and devices at risk.

APT 10's Cloud Hopper campaign has been exposed

The group behind the attacks, APT10, has targeted Canada, Brazil, France, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and India.

Russian banking machine theft leads investigators to ATMitch malware

According to a Securelist blog post, the primary payload used in the cyber-heists is ATMitch, a malware capable of issuing a variety of commands to compromised ATM machines, including counting the number of banknotes in a dispenser (for reconnaissance purposes) and dispensing money from any cassette with the mere touch of a button.

UK and US warn airports and nuclear facilities could be targets of cyber-attacks

Airports and nuclear power plants in the US and UK are on alert for cyber-attacks after governments in both countries issued alerts.

Infiltrating air-gapped systems by transmitting light to a flatbed scanner

Security researchers used light transmitted to a flatbed scanner to infiltrate air-gapped systems.

Scammers create fake emulators for new Nintendo gaming platform

A YouTube page that supposedly allows visitors to download a Nintendo Switch emulator program actually installs a downloader that introduces a potentially unwanted application called OneSystemCare.

Russia's Maxim Senakh, Ebury botnet creator, pleads guilty

Senakh plead guilty in United States District Court District of Minnesota for conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and to commit wire fraud.

Indictment draws near for two teenage Israeli cyber-criminals

Itay Huri and another suspected Israeli hacker, whose name has not been released, allegedly earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling their software to clients around the world.

Alleged international fraud ring stealing from Kenyan government

The Kenyan government has said it has been targeted by an international fraud ring which has stolen $39 million (£31 million) from its coffers using hackers to carry out the theft.

Demi Lovato nudes leaked, scammer targets private citizens for sex shows

A spear-phishing scammer demanded a sex show from a private citizen after obtaining the victim's email credentials.

Hired Hackers target driverless car tech prompting threat sharing colab

A group of cyber mercenaries targeted Baidu's driverless car technology prompting the tech company to beef up security.

G20 finance chiefs agree on concerted effort to fight financial crime

The agreement follows a number of high profile cyber-attacks on banking systems around the world, which has brought banking security to the top of the agenda.

Spam hitting Germans with personalised messages

A spam campaign that targets recipients with personalised messages is spreading in Germany, similar to a previous scourge there earlier this year and another that spread in the UK in April 2016.