Cyber-Crime News, Articles and Updates

New Windows flaw could allow a WannaCry-like attack if not patched

Network administrators and computer owners are once again being implored to make sure that they have updated Windows to block a WannaCry-like vulnerability.

Rehabilitation day for young cyber-miscreants hosted in Bristol

First ever rehabilitation day trialled for young cyber-crime offenders that have received cautions or cease and desist orders designed to deter young people from committing serious cyber-offences and encourage them into jobs in the industry, on the right side of the law.

Don't be a copycat: TTPs of CopyKittens revealed

The group is known for attacking government, security and academic institutions around the world.

Hackers are targeting SMEs - here's what you can do about it

Steve Nice educates SMEs about the growing security risk of organised cyber-crime and how they can protect themselves.

The New Age of IT Security: Stay Safe from Cyber-crime in 2017

Ross Howard is fascinated by the challenges businesses face developing and maintaining watertight IT security policies.

Legal and communications best practices to reduce cyber-crime fallout

Sarah Gaunt and Lena Ahad discuss a guide to legal and communications best practices ahead of a cyber-crime.

Israel Cyber Week 2017: cyber beat off 1,000s of 'lone wolf attacks'

In a rare speech, Shin Bet director Nadav Argaman says the security agency he leads regularly uses technology to prevent "lone wolf attacks".

Few UK councils have faith in their staff to deal with cyber-threats

A study from PwC explores the confidence of councils, local authorities and consumers across the UK in the face of cyber-attacks and threats with depressing conclusions.

Gang of four arrested in the UK for tech support telephone scam

Four people have been arrested in the UK and charged with running a tech support scam posing as Microsoft technical support personnel.

Nothing is safe from a hacker, even a toy, smart TV or fitness tracker

With fitness trackers, smart TVs and even children's toys among the most vulnerable items, people are unaware that they're at serious risk of hacking.

Hackers threaten South Korean banks with DDoS attacks

KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, KEB Hana Bank, NH Bank and two other South Korean banks were reportedly threatened with DDoS attacks last week.

Don't neglect cyber-risks that physically walk in through the front door

Nathan King warns that some cyber-criminals still gain entry on two feet and stresses the need to test physical security controls.

Wikileaks releases CIA tool set which help malware onto air-gapped PCs

WikiLeaks on Thursday dumped more leaked CIA documents with its latest Vault 7 disclosures, this time publishing materials from a tool suite called Brutal Kangaroo that allows attackers to indirectly infiltrate a closed network or air-gapped computer using a compromised flash drive.

On the digital frontline: The rise of automated cyber-warfare

Nicola Whiting explains why the defence sector is turning to automated cyber-security to win the fight against cyber-criminals and state-sponsored hackers.

White hats share insights on modern attack campaign strategies

New findings from 451 Research reveal real-world insights into modern attack campaign strategies, planning and execution.

25% of Australian companies hit by phishing attack this week

The phishing attacks against Australian energy customers grew yesterday with Mailguard reporting an enormous number of phishing attempts made centered on fake Origin Energy bills.

Queen's Speech: Promise of a new digital charter to tackle extremism

With the incoming Brexit negotiations, the Queen said her ministers will seek to "provide certainty for individuals and businesses".

'Doubleswitch' campaign targeting activists via social media

In a new campaign, attackers are locking out activists from their social media accounts.

Trustwave: 63 percent of breaches observed targeted payment card data

New report from security company Trustwave illustrates a wave of crime looking to steal payment information from those in the hospitality, retail and food and beverage industries.

South Korean web hoster pays US$ 1 m ransom to release customer files

South Korean firm NAYANA was hit with a Linux ransomware attack that demanded an unprecedented 550 Bitcoins (BTC) or £1.27 million ransom.

What do we learn about clandestine operators from the Shadow Brokers leak?

Andrei Barysevich discusses how the Chinese and Russian cyber communities have reacted to the Shadow Brokers leak.

ECB to force all Eurozone banks to report cyber-security breaches

The European Central Bank has announced it is looking to encourage information sharing between financial institutions, and the mandatory reporting of incidents appears to be a big part of its cyber-resilience strategy.

Guilty as charged! UK man hacks US DoD communications system

A UK citizen has pleaded guilty on 15 June to hacking into a US Department of Defense (DoD) communications system three years ago

Europol arrests counter anti-virus, malware crypter services customers

Six customers of a malware crypter service were arrested throughout Europe Tuesday following a year-long initiative called Operation Neuland, Europol said in a release.

Nuance says that biometrics have reached their "coming of age"

The biometrics firm argues that the issues with biometrics often cloud over the benefits gained from using them.

Differences revealed in personal security habits of UK and US workers

New research from Wombat provided an analysis of personal security behaviours of UK and US workers that play a big role in securing information, devices and systems both at work and home.

The threats to businesses posed by the deep and dark web

Josh Lefkowitz looks at the issue of the dark web for businesses, the dangers it poses and how these dangers can be mitigated.

Wannacrypt makes enterprises wanna cry - if storage isn't attack ready

Dan Florea explores how backup storage products can help reduce RTO to near zero, allowing organisations to run as normal in the event of a cyber-attack.

Apple contractors based in China caught selling customer data

Authorities in China have unmasked a massive underground market where Apple contractors were selling user data of Apple's Chinese customers.

Don't be fooled by tax scams this quarter as hackers ramp up activity

David Emm discusses the various types of tax scams and top tips for staying safe when managing tax affairs this year.