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Google Chrome users targeted with 'missing font' malware scam

Hackers are at it once again, this time targeting Google Chrome users to install a fake "missing font" and then infect them with malware.

Car accident data stolen and traded illegally - London house raided

A house in Palmers Green was raided as part of an investigation into the illegal access of customer details from a nationwide car repair company prompted by concerns raised by Nationwide Accident Repairs Services (NARS)

SC Congress: Is the law any use in cyber-space?

Asking a panel of experts the perhaps potentially provocative question "is the law any use in cyber-space?" SC's deputy editor kicked off SC Congress 2017 with four strong opinions on fighting cyber-crime.

Poorly coded ransomware attacks Macs and encrypts files

Newly discovered ransomware dubbed Patcher is targeting Mac computers, but according to researchers, the malware is so poorly coded, it locks up files for good.

Mirai evolves as Windows-based spreader is discovered on 500 systems

A Mirai spreader for Windows has been discovered on hundreds of systems, showing a maturing of the infamous botnet building malware.

Emily Ratajkowski's iCloud hacked, nude photos allegedly leaked

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski's iCloud account has again been hacked with as many as 200 sexually explicit images being removed.

A dish served cold: Chef Gordon Ramsay's in-laws charged with computer hacking

London's Metropolitan Police Service has charged four in-laws of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, including the famous curmudgeon's father-in-law, with computer hacking.

Malware targeting banks contains apparent false flags designed to frame Russians

Malware samples recovered from watering hole attacks recently targeting banks across the globe contain false flags that fraudulently suggest Russian actors are behind the campaign, even though the most likely culprit is the Lazarus Group.

TeamSpy malware exploits TeamViewer in phishing campaign

Heimdal Security researchers spotted a new spam campaign carrying the TeamSpy data-stealing malware.

Hack of Aberdeen City Council cost the local authority £10,000

Last month, an Algerian-linked hacking group defaced the website of Aberdeen City Council.

Youth scheme shows telltale signs of early cyber-security aptitude

A scheme aimed at teaching young people online safety has published a list to show parents that their kids might have an interest IT security.

Fake Pornhub app spreads ransomware like STDs

Those who may have jumped on the company's free Valentine's Day offer beware.

Check Point: Ransomware % of malware doubled in second half of 2016

The company's report says ransomware attacks increased from 5.5 percent, to 10.5 percent of all recognised malware attacks from July to December 2016.

Russian hacker Rasputin hits universities, state and fed government agencies

A Russian hacker who penetrated the network of the US Electoral Assistance Commission and then put its database up for sale, has been detected continuing his nefarious activities.

Uber drives down alert fatigue with customised data sets

To combat alert fatigue among its security analysts, transportation service Uber applies specially customised data sets to flagged incidents to help distinguish between genuine threats and non-malicious activities.

Almost all organisations lack the technology to defend against cyber-attacks, Tripwire

A new survey shows that just three percent of IT security professionals believe their organisation has the technology in place to deal with the most common cyber problems that they face.

Report: Most cyber-attacks come from same place, and use basic tactics

F-Secure's new cyber security report paints a stark picture of the threats posed by insecure networks and devices, the internet of things, cyber-crime and others.

Symantec blames Lazarus for malware targeting banks in 31 countries

Lazarus Group, widely thought to originate from North Korea, has been driven into the light once again, if reports from Symantec are to be believed.

Ransomware ruled in 2016 - isn't it time vendors offered guarantees?

Tony Rowan discusses global survey results that indicated ransomware had a huge impact on organisations in 2016, with insurance one response option, while the call for vendor security guarantees grows louder.

Pittsburgh teen launched cyber-attacks on Belgium airport after ISIS attacks

A Pittsburgh child admitted to launching cyber-attacks on the Brussels airport just hours after last year's ISIS attacks.

Mac malware reportedly first to infect machines using macros

Researchers have identified what they believe is the first in-the-wild instance of hackers using malicious macros in Word documents to execute malware on Mac computers, instead of Windows-based machines.

Memory-only malware and free pen test tools infect banks, attack ATMs

Hacker groups are leveraging free and commonly available pen testing tools to attack enterprises in the finance, government and telecom sectors with "fileless" malware.

Visitors infected by compromised foreign embassy and ministry websites

An unknown actor whose targets and tactics resemble those of a Russian APT group has been compromising the websites of foreign embassies, ministries and organisations, in an attempt to infect certain site visitors with malware.

Iranian link to Mac malware targeting US defence industry

New malware, MacDownloader, targeting the US defence industry could be the work of Iranian hackers, according to a couple of security researchers.

Data firm alerts of open web being used to trade stolen credentials

A data feed firm sees stolen credentials being traded in broad daylight, so to speak.

53% of retail fraud is now cyber-enabled, amounting to £100m in losses

More than half of retail fraud is now cyber-enabled, amounting to approximately £100 million in losses.

Why every SME needs to think CIA for Cyber-Security - 2017 predictions

Graham Thatcher discusses how it has been suggested by some experts that in 2017 everyone will be 'touched' by some form of cyber-crime activity, and looks at expert predictions for what the forthcoming year has in store.

What does cyber-crime pay? Not much per record but ROI exceeds 1000%

Omri Sigelman discusses the value that cyber-criminals gain from stealing and selling credit card data on the Dark Web and why they gather it in large volumes.

Kaspersky: DDoS attacks growing stronger with unsecured IoT

Kaspersky researchers spotted a record setting 292 hour-long DDoS attack in Q4 2016, significantly beating the previous quarter's maximum attack.

Flokibot Trojan spotted targeting Brazilian POS infrastructure

Arbor Networks researchers spotted the Flokibot malware family to target Point of Sale Infrastructure in Brazil and other countries.