Cyber-Criminals News, Articles and Updates

Nigerian scammers launch phishing attacks against industrial companies

Scams apparently originating from Nigeria are thriving on the web, according to data on 500 companies in 50 countries which was recently analysed by Kaspersky Lab.

Hackers sow Discord among gamers

Cyber-criminals use VoIP services to infect gamers with malware

Digital Forensics leads the fight against cyber-crime

Andrew Sheldon discusses how there is considerable danger in allowing digital forensic triage to be carried out in haste or in ignorance

Cyber-cartels launder money via gamer currencies

Trend Micro researchers found that cyber-criminals are using video game currency to launder real world money.

86% of over-55s worldwide think they're safe from cyber-criminals

Nearly all (86 percent) over-55s don't believe that they're targets for cyber-criminals.

Are hackers playing the fame game?

Michael Marriott looks at how hackers are increasingly using tactics used by commercial organisations to raise their profile and publicise their 'business'.

Help wanted: Copy editors to clean up French phishing emails

A help wanted ad spotted on the French dark web may be an indicator that cyber-criminals are tired of having their phishing scams spoiled due to poor spelling and grammar.

'Bored' Filipino IT experts to be hired as white-hat hackers

In order to better improve and ensure cyber-security of government websites, Philippine senator Ralph Recto plans to recruit "bored" Filipino hackers to serve as "cyber-commandos".

Russian and Brazilian crooks collaborate to improve cyber-attacks

Cyber-criminals on all sides of the globe have defeated time differences and language barriers to team up and drive the evolution of the ever-changing malicious tools used in attacks.

City beat goes global

Adrian Leppard, commissioner of the City of London Police, explains to SC's Tony Morbin that crime prevention's mission in cyber-fraud is to help industry protect its information assets - but that international crime and encryption remain major challenges for law enforcement

TLDs increase chance for malicious activity

Blue Coat discovers TLDs increase the risk of malicious activity.