Cyber-Defence News, Articles and Updates

The 'Botnet of Things'—a real threat or just hype? You've got 5 mins

Joe Kim challenges expert concerns that connected devices are more vulnerable to attacks by pointing at the early appreciation of the threat and massive investment in cyber-defence.

MPs claim gov not taking swift action to consolidate UK cyber-defences

MPs have lambasted the government for its slow approach to consolidating law enforcement agencies' cyber-attack and data breach response.

Attention to cyber-security is becoming daily routine in the C-suite

While far-reaching and diverse, the underlying causes of security risks are amenable to collective action.

NIAS 2016 - responding to the Warsaw declaration

An extra €70 million is to be spent in the five years from 2017 on a major refresh of cyber-capabilities.

Shifting the Economic Balance of Cyber-Defence

Ben Johnson discusses threat intelligence sharing and how current standards are without expert input.

Belgian minister of defence stresses investing in cyber-security

Belgium's minister of defence, Steven Vandeput has stated the importance of investing in technology for national security.