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Saudi telecoms authority warns of destructive Shamoon 2

Saudi Arabian organisations are being warned that Shamoon is back and in a new form

Obama promises U.S. response to Russian election interference

Obama gave no indication when that retaliation might occur—he has only five weeks remaining in office—or what form it might take, pending the outcomes of "a whole range of assessments taking place among the agencies."

End of 2066 Exam: Cyber-security History

Exam essays written by the class of '66 - 2066 that is - would make fascinating reading if we could see them today - but with some wit and imagination, we are sure SC readers could give us a taste of what we might be missing.

'Suckfly' in the ointment: Chinese APT group steals code-signing certificates

An APT group based in China, code-named Suckfly, has been concealing its nefarious activity over the past two years by stealing code-signing certificates and applying them to malware and hack tools to make them look legitimate.