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SC Media asks the industry: Is cyber attack insurance worth it?

With warnings about stress testing response mechanisms, the Prudential Regulation Authority is putting the insurance industry on notice as to what it expects from the cyber risk market.

40% of firms in the UK, US and Germany have taken out cyber-insurance

More than half (53 percent) of businesses in the UK, US and Germany are ill-prepared to deal with cyber-attacks according to a new study from Hiscox.

CFC Underwriting says 'fear factor' driving step up in demand for cyber-insurance

According to findings from a survey of attendees at the 2016 London Cyber Symposium, recent high-profile security breaches have prompted a big jump in demand for cyber-insurance.

InfoSec 2016: Mimecast says organisations unsure about cyber insurance

Mimecast warns organisations relying on cyber insurance: your policies may not be fully up-to-date in covering new social engineering email attacks.

Cyber-insurance cover leaves IT teams exposed

Chris Pace argues that failure to achieve the correct balance between transfer of risk to an insurance provider and appropriate level of IT security measures, implemented and managed by in-house IT, puts companies at risk.

Purchasing cyber-insurance without a proven security system will leave businesses out of pocket

Purchasing cyber-insurance without a proven security system will leave businesses out of pocket, while absence of cover is a false economy says Steve Watts.

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance enters cyber-insurance arena

Warren Buffet is not exactly launching the Geico gecko into the cyber-insurance space, but his Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance division today unveiled two new polices targeted at this area.

Global cyber-insurance market predicted to grow to £4.8bn by 2020

The global cyber-insurance market could expand to US $7.5bn (£4.8bn) in annual premiums by 2020 according to PwC.

Security 'attitude' depends on corporate personality

Management style and geographic location are key influencers on companies' approach to cyber-insurance, finds new report.