Cyber-Security Awareness News, Articles and Updates

Global study: Is IT security making progress against cyber-attacks?

CyberArk's 10th annual Global Advanced Threat Landscape Survey conducts research on global enterprises and whether they are learning from cyber-attacks and what priorities are being influenced.

Cyber-security awareness: A battle between the rational and impulsive brains

SC's Roi Perez looks at how we tackle the biggest vulnerability in our IT infrastructures - the people

Workplace security awareness programmes lacking in efficacy, says study

Just because a company offers a cyber-security training programme to its employees doesn't mean it's necessarily doing enough to change workers' dangerous online behaviours, according to a report from Experian and Ponemon Institute.

Training the Mastermind (board-game) generation

Mike Loginov and Viv MacDonald explore the importance of management awareness of cyber-security in an organisation