Cyber-Security Strategy News, Articles and Updates

38% of UK orgs have no data loss prevention solutions

Most security pros (88 percent) say that they are happy with their organisation's security strategy, but 38 percent admit that their company doesn't have dedicated data loss prevention solutions in place.

The next five years: what could the UK's 2016-2021 Cyber-Security Strategy look like?

Bryan Lillie puts forward suggestions for what the UK's cyber-security strategy should contain in the next five years

Protecting Your Business Advantage

Andrew Rogoyski says that companies need to identify what is truly their most sensitive, most valuable data - the thing that would most severely impact the company if stolen or compromised.

C-level cyber-awareness: the disconnect

Bridging the gap between executive awareness and enterprise security requires teams to provide greater visibility into programme performance and regularly communicate about emerging threats says Matt Middleton-Leal

Are you cyber resilient?

Haroon Malik describes how CISOs can develop a cyber-security resilience strategy by having a clear vision of where they are going and what needs to be done.