Cyber-Security News, Articles and Updates

Estonian cyber-security ranks best in Europe, fifth in the world

The second iteration of the Global Cyber-security Index announced at Information Society Forum 2017 praises the country for its response to the 2007 attack on its infrastructure from Russia.

The insider threat: the biggest threat in banking cyber-security

Israel Levy discusses ways companies can strike the delicate balance between employee productivity and cyber-security best practices for financial institutions.

Cyber-security advice site for US small businesses launched by FTC

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a new website where small businesses can receive tips and advice on cyber-security issues.

Bored cyber-security expert's wizard radar page secures the world

Ten years ago, a bored cyber-security expert named Andy Cuff set up a website on his kitchen table in Bath. Today, that website has become the go-to place for all the world's biggest security agencies.

4SICS SCADA event renamed CS3STHLM set for October in Stockholm

The fourth summit of 4SICS will relaunch under the new name CS3STHLM.

Blick Rothenberg: SMEs still not doing cyber-security due-diligence

The advisory, accounting and tax practice warns that SMEs not paying attention to their cyber-security could cost them thousands every year.

Team photo competition: are you greater than GReAT?

SC Media UK is on the look out for the best team fancy dress photos!

Students crowned UK's most talented in cyber-security

12 UK Universities compete for the cyber-crown at a competition backed by the NCSC, Leidos and NCC Group. The top three teams shared prize money of £10,000.

Fake news and its implications for cyber-security professionals

Brian Chappell gives us his view on the rise of fake news and what it means for the cyber-security professional.

Guangdong, China and South African teams win global ICT competition

A team from Guangdong, China and South Africa share honours and win 1st prize after beating the best talent around the world in a global ICT skill competition held in Shenzhen, China this weekend.

The 11%; where are the women in cyber-security?

Nick Miller discusses women who work in cyber and their thoughts about being a woman within the industry.

Cyber-security industry 2017 predictions: reaching the tipping point

SC's Roi Perez sifts through a mountain of predictions for cyber-security in 2017 to pick out recurrent trends, specific predictions and warnings as to where we need to prioritise our defences in the year ahead.

Global cyber-security confidence falls to 70 percent

Second annual international survey of information security professionals finds global confidence in ability to accurately assess cyber-risk dropped 12 percentage points over 2016.

Presidential commission calls for collaborative action to combat cyber-threats

Updated: The president's Commission on Enhancing National Cyber-security today released a 100-page report that called for greater cooperation between the government, the private sector, educational institutions and even individual Americans with the goal of protecting and defending the nation's critical cyber infrastructure.

Cyber-security must reflect risk not just regulation

Security is often closely associated with standards and regulations, and there's an assumption that if you are compliant, by default you are secure. While they naturally fit closely together, it's a dangerous assumption, suggests Nadav Shatz.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Cyber-Risks

Mark Carolan outlines why IT security managers should be worried about ICS in their Infrastructure

Mergers & acquisitions: a lesson in cyber-security complacency and reputational ruin

Cyber-security complacency will often lead to commercial embarrassment and reputational damage, especially when your cyber-security due diligence is left wanting says Ian Kayne. When you undertake an acquisition, cyber-security must be a top integration priority. If left to fester, it will eventually catch you out.

47% of UK hiring managers in IT expect more demand for tech pros in 2017

Nearly half of hiring managers in IT expect more demand in 2017 than they did in 2016.

Chinese cyber-security laws raise espionage and censorship fears

The Chinese Government has passed a new law which enforces further restrictions on the internet freedoms of its internet surfing population. While foreign businesses say this shuts them out, the Chinese government has insisted this law is purely to arm its country with stronger cyber-security protections.

Controversial cyber-security law about to be passed in China

The law could offer sweeping internet censorship powers to the government.

New cyber-academy formed to fast-track next generation of security experts

GCHQ-certified programme will quickly give students cutting-edge cyber-security skills to help make UK the safest place to live and do business online.

Panel: Obsession with regulatory compliance doesn't guarantee good cyber-security

Companies should spend less time worrying about meeting minimal requirements for cyber-security compliance, and concentrate more on how to protect their most sensitive operations, according to experts speaking today at SC Congress Chicago.

Half of UK orgs feel they lack skills to mitigate cyber-threats

Nearly half of UK organisations (47 percent) feel they have insufficient skills in-house to deal with the current cyber-threat landscape.

Millennials changing the face of cyber-security

It's official — there are now more millennials than baby boomers and their influence on information security is starting to have its impact, according to a recent report from LaunchTech that was commissioned by Forcepoint.

Only half of under-25s would join the fight against cyber-crime

Kaspersky Lab says young cyber-security talent should be used to the industry's advantage, but education and businesses must first provide more programmes and roles to pave the way for new generations.

Post-Brexit Cyber-Security

Henrik Kiertzner asks how will the UK's departure from the European Union impact cyber-security?

Cyber-security: tense topic for IT pros to discuss with their bosses

More than half of cyber-security professionals find it difficult to highlight possible security system weaknesses for senior management, while the rest find it more difficult to admit something has gone wrong.

Hype hampers understanding of cyber-security says Aussie government

A report by the Australian Cyber-Security Centre says that the misuse and over-hyping of cyber-security terms has hampered the public's ability to understand cyber-security issues.

Harnessing integrated security analytics

The era of silver bullet point solutions has created major problems for cyber-security management - from operations to intelligence and response. Skybox Security EMEA VP Justin Coker looks at how integrated security analytics are taking up the challenge.

Consumer cyber-security concerns cost UK economy billions, study

New study found UK consumers use fewer mobile apps out of cyber-security concerns.