Cyber-Warfare News, Articles and Updates

On the digital frontline: The rise of automated cyber-warfare

Nicola Whiting explains why the defence sector is turning to automated cyber-security to win the fight against cyber-criminals and state-sponsored hackers.

Estonian cyber-security ranks best in Europe, fifth in the world

The second iteration of the Global Cyber-security Index announced at Information Society Forum 2017 praises the country for its response to the 2007 attack on its infrastructure from Russia.

Canada and Nato attempt to define threshold for cyber-attack response

Amidst a Russian war of intelligence and influence, the Canadian military considers what defines a cyber-attack under the Nato agreement and when it should call in help of other countries.

It's time for a new perspective on security

As the cyber-world becomes more dangerous than ever, Charl van der Walt examines why a new wave of security professionals believes businesses can regain the upper hand.

N. Korea accused of hacking S. Korea' military cyber-command

South Korea has announced that its military cyber-command appears to have been breached by North Korea. It is not clear whether low-grade documents or more important details like war plans were accessed.

Presidential debate 2016: Candidates pledge cyber-investment, differ on Russia

Clinton pinned hacks at the Democratic National Conference (DNC) on Russia while Trump said attribution is not clear.

Cyber-space wars may require new international regimes

While it might not include the Death Star cyber-warfare among the stars is almost inevitable.

Russia´s cyber-operations alter balance of power - tougher response called for

Russia is alterering the balance of power with superior human resources in the cyber-realm and a strategy and will to used them offensively, including via proxies - and lack of western response encourages escalation says Jarno Limnéll.

Turkish cyber-criminals post their flag on hacked Russian Embassy site

In a cyber-war involving Turkey against Russia, Turkish hacktivists have destroyed the Russian Embassy's website in Israel.

Fighting a war without being at war

Cyber-warfare is not replacing conventional warfare, but becoming an integral part of the military toolbox to be used in hybrid-warfare, but - so far, more for disruption than destruction, as Jarno Limnéll explains.

Malaysian police works with Interpol and FBI to evade cyber-warfare threat

Police are working with the FBI and Interpol to track down people involved in threat by Anonymous Malaysia

Iran deal prompts US concerns over country's growing cyber-programme

A diplomatic agreement that restricts Iran's nuclear programme may indirectly shift its focus towards cyber-warfare efforts.