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Fake Adobe Flash Player update extension serves salacious spam ads

Security researchers are warning of a fake Adobe Flash Player update extension whose goal is to serve spam ads to victims.

NSA chief defends surveillance programs at Black Hat

The director of the National Security Agency justified the mass surveillance and bulk data collection programs in an attempt to assure the public that its intentions are justified, legal and noble.

Maker of Opera browser said its network was hacked to steal code-signing certificate

Opera Software, maker of the Opera browser, disclosed on Wednesday that its internal network was targeted in a heist in which the attackers made off with at least one certificate that they used to sign malware.

Malicious email that recipient is on 'Prism watchlist' linked to espionage campaign

The group behind the 'NetTraveler' espionage malware campaign is now sending emails claiming the recipient is on the 'Prism' watch list, according to researchers.

McAfee says it got Koobface infection rates wrong

McAfee has said that detections of the Koobface worm have declined, after previously claiming that it had seen a resurgence.