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Outdated software exposes millions of PC users to cyber-risks

Millions of PC users are still failing to update computer applications, such as Flash and Java, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

UK digital jobs growth brings cyber-skills shortage front and centre

The UK now has 1.64 million digital tech jobs, the increase is set to bring the current cyber-skills shortage front and centre.

London and Manchester have the highest rates of malware in the UK

Malware gets on computers in various ways. Many times, it is installed when computer users click on bogus links in spam emails or hacked social media messages.

New GDPR training course aims to raise awareness in cloud industry

A new training scheme has been launched to raise awareness in the cloud industry of the requirements needed to comply with GDPR.

Most UK businesses have limited visibility on impact of DNS

New research from Neustar presents how UK businesses are provisioning domain name system (DNS) servers and services of their internal and external internet users.