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Few UK councils have faith in their staff to deal with cyber-threats

A study from PwC explores the confidence of councils, local authorities and consumers across the UK in the face of cyber-attacks and threats with depressing conclusions.

Nothing is safe from a hacker, even a toy, smart TV or fitness tracker

With fitness trackers, smart TVs and even children's toys among the most vulnerable items, people are unaware that they're at serious risk of hacking.

Three-quarters of UK orgs suffer DNS attacks, half of those had data stolen

A new report from EfficientIP reveals a lack of awareness as to the variety of DNS attacks, a failure to adapt security solutions to protect DNS and poor responses to vulnerability notifications among businesses worldwide.

Organisations need stronger cyber-resilience to counter cyber-threats

According to a new report, there is a need for stronger cyber-resilience culture across organisations and a focus on the human aspects of the threat and cyber-disruptions posed by phishing and social engineering.

ID theft every 2 seconds - half hitting kids under 6

Keeper Security has released research on the dark web which shows how much hackers make from different credentials.