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UK consumers have concerns about personal data in the hands of brands

With two-thirds (67 percent) of UK consumers concerned about how brands use their personal information, brands face a growing battle to offer personalised services online.

Bored cyber-security expert's wizard radar page secures the world

Ten years ago, a bored cyber-security expert named Andy Cuff set up a website on his kitchen table in Bath. Today, that website has become the go-to place for all the world's biggest security agencies.

Loads of NoTrove scam ads threaten consumers and digital advertising

A new threat actor identified as NoTrove is delivering millions of scam ads that threaten consumers and further undermine the digital advertising industry.

Security fears keep UK consumers from adopting new payment methods

A survey conducted by new data global law firm Paul Hastings reveals fears British consumers have when using new payment methods.

UK consumers feel uncomfortable sharing their personal details online

New research from Yoti reveals that 87 percent of UK consumers are concerned about how secure their personal information is when shared online.