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Google Chrome users targeted with 'missing font' malware scam

Hackers are at it once again, this time targeting Google Chrome users to install a fake "missing font" and then infect them with malware.

6.7% of UK programmes on private PCs are end-of-life and unpatched

The average private user in the UK has 72 programmes on their PC, and 6.7 percent of them are end-of-life programmes that are no longer patched by the vendor, therefore they are insecure.

Only 4% of cyber-pros are happy with their cyber-security investments

Nearly 80 percent of cyber-professionals say enterprises must understand the behaviours of people as they interact with intellectual property (IP) and other critical business data, but only 32 percent are able to do so effectively.

Kieran McDonnell joins Vuzion Ireland as country manager

Vuzion Ireland has appointed Kieran McDonnell as country manager in an office in Sandyford, Dublin.

Seal Software appoints David Gingell, CMO and Rich Bohne, CRO

Seal Software has appointed senior executives David Gingell as chief marketing officer and Rich Bohne as chief revenue officer.