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Iran deal prompts US concerns over country's growing cyber-programme

A diplomatic agreement that restricts Iran's nuclear programme may indirectly shift its focus towards cyber-warfare efforts.

Firms track Dyre's rise to top financial malware threat

In the year following Gameover Zeus takedown efforts, Dyre has steadily emerged as the financial trojan of choice among cyber-criminals.

LinkedIn 'invitation-only' bug bounty programme pays out £41k

LinkedIn's director of information security confirms that its private bug bounty programme was formalised in October.

RSA 2015: Keynote addresses online safety risks to increasingly connected youths

Technology can't replace the value of online safety education, the key to keeping kids out of predators' paths, panelists shared.

RSA 2015: Panelists debate a way forward for matters of cyber conflict

Panelists discussed cyber-espionage and intellectual property theft affecting companies and steps the private and public sector must take to curb the threat.