Saxo Bank has selected next-generation security information and event management (SIEM) technology from EdgeSeven.

The investment bank has selected the EdgeSeven SIEM to sit alongside its existing ArcSight technology, after deciding that a new SIEM solution was needed to further strengthen its IT security.

Mikael Augustinson, head of IT security at Saxo Bank, said: “EdgeSeven proved to have the skill and experience to deliver in time, budget and scope, but also the integrity to tell us when we were heading the wrong way.”

Jon Inns, co-founder of EdgeSeven, now a part of Accumuli, said: “Working with Saxo Bank was a real pleasure. They knew exactly what they needed to achieve, they had a tight deadline and they put their trust in us to get the job done. We listened, put the right team on the project, shared our experiences with them and delivered a cutting edge and tightly integrated solution that provided them with the compliance and security monitoring they needed.

“The key to success with SIEM projects, which deliver results like we have seen in Saxo and our other clients, really has less to do with technology selection, and more to do with the willingness of the client to engage and be involved in the process.

“If the client is willing to listen, our job as subject matter experts is really to guide them around the issues and highlight the opportunities. Once that is done then the technical bit is easy.

“Our advice to anyone considering a SIEM project would be to speak with an experienced independent subject expert in the field of SIEM, who can give an honest appraisal of the challenges and technology options.”