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Encrypted communications lure cyber-criminals from dark web to Telegram app

Cyber-criminals are branching out from the dark web and into encrypted messaging apps to conduct their nefarious deeds.

Simple, but not cheap, phishing kit found for sale on Dark Web

Cyber-criminals are nothing if not attuned to finding new customers for their wares, as Check Point and CyberInt found when they came across a next-generation phishing kit for sale on the Dark Web geared toward the neophyte.

Why digital fingerprinting could hold the key to GDPR compliance

The key to limiting damage is to neutralise the threat before the cyber-criminals have had a chance to monetise that all-important data. Banks spotting customer payment card details on the dark web can suspend those accounts.

BlackTDS offering lets cyber-criminals buy drive-by attacks as a service

Since December 2017, dark web markets have been displaying advertisements for a new "Traffic Distribution System" called BlackTDS that performs malicious drive-by attacks as a service to paying cyber-criminals.

AlphaBay PR flack pleads guilty to conspiracy charge

In a US court, the public spokesperson for the now defunct Dark Web marketplace AlphaBay has pleaded guilty conspiracy to commit access device fraud.

Hackers could obfuscate malware through code signing and SSL certificates

Made to order certificates available on the dark web. Security researchers have discovered that hackers are able to obfuscate malware through code signing and SSL certificates.

Researchers find free ransomware variant being distributed on the Dark Web

Security researchers have identified a ransomware variant that is available for free on the Dark Web and is even unregistered. The discovery comes at a time when the ransomware trade is running on handsome commissions.

Want the inside track on protecting yourself from hackers? try the Dark Web

Finding dark web sites - programming the crawlers to search specific sites - is extremely complicated and difficult because,unlike a surface web address, dark web sites don't use HTTP addresses, but instead use onion addresses.

Litecoin popular Bitcoin alternative among dark web underground community

An analysis of 150 of popular dark web message boards, marketplaces and illegal services shows underground vendors gravitating toward Litecoin cryptocurrency as a viable alternative to Bitcoin when conducting transactions.

Russian dark web ad for new GandCrab ransomware-as-a-service discovered

Researchers investigating the newly discovered GandCrab ransomware have learned how its authors are marketing the malicious program as a ransomware-as-a-service package to potential buyers on the dark web.

Millions of Fortune 500 email credentials found on the dark web

About 10 percent of the email credentials of all those employed at Fortune 500 companies have been leaked on the dark web, according to a new study.

Oh, baby! Infants' Social Security numbers spotted for sale on dark web

The personal identifiable information (PII) of infants, including Social Security numbers, were recently found advertised for sale on the dark web, providing criminals with a clean credit history.

KillaMuvz pleads guilty to being a sophisticated malware operator

The UK creator of malware resources Cryptex and reFUD.me, used by thousands in the cyber-crime world, has this week pleaded guilty to charges under the Computer Misuse Act and Proceeds of Crime Act.

Database aggregating 1.4B credentials found on dark web

A single file on the dark web with a database of 1.4 billion clear text credentials not only is the largest aggregate found there but it opens a trove of credentials to even the least sophisticated hackers.

AlphaBay spokesperson 'Trappy' arraigned

AlphaBay spokesperson Ronald L Wheeler, aka Trappy, was arraigned in a US federal court for conspiring to commit access device fraud.

Update: Possibly everyone in Malaysia had their mobile records stolen

It is possible that everyone in Malaysia may have had their mobile phone records stolen and put up for sale on the Dark Web.

Russian underground shop selling RDP servers for £11 or less

Russian dark web marketplace Ultimate Anonymity Services (UAS) is selling 35,000 compromised Remote Desktop Protocol servers, which criminals can use to anonymise themselves or access victims' networks.

Europol calls for cooperation on Darkweb and IOT use by criminals

In recent conferences Europol has been teaming up with other organisations to ensure a joint law enforcement approach with Interpol to the darkweb and ransomware especially, and with ENISA to meet the challenge of IOT.

Indian government and corporate credentials found for sale on DarkNet

The login credentials and other inside information of more than 6,000 Indian ISPs, government departments and businesses is being advertised for sale on DarkNet.

Sonic Drive latest hit by POS data breach - credentials on dark web

Sonic Drive-In is investigating a possible point-of-sale (POS) breach that has led to customer payment card information being sold on a dark web market and speculation POS systems could be subject to ransom.

Darkweb counterfeiters taken down in Europol coordinated joint action

Criminals buying and/or selling counterfeit Euro banknotes on illegal Darknet marketplaces, such as AlphaBay and Hansa Market, have been arrested in a joint operation by seven EU Member States, coordinated by Europol.

Instagram hack victims identified, details now for sale on darkweb

The 500 A-list celebrities whose Instagram accounts have been hacked, and whose contact details are for sale on the dark web, have now been identified.

Dark web vendors taking precautions after AlphaBay and Hansa takedowns

Some, but not all cyber-criminals are taking precautions to ensure they evade capture in the event of another major sting operation, thereby making law enforcement's job easier.

After fall of AlphaBay and Hansa, other darkweb markets see uptick

Darkweb activity continues apace despite takedowns as buyers move to alternative sights - but are increasingly wary of getting caught.

ID theft every 2 seconds - half hitting kids under 6

Keeper Security has released research on the dark web which shows how much hackers make from different credentials.

The threats to businesses posed by the deep and dark web

Josh Lefkowitz looks at the issue of the dark web for businesses, the dangers it poses and how these dangers can be mitigated.

Outlaw marketplace on Dark Web shuttered abruptly

Outlaw, a veteran marketplace on the Dark Web, was shuttered abruptly last week with no plausible explanation, according to Bleeping Computer.

Alleged Silk Road admin to be extradited to US despite Asperger's

An alleged Silk Road administrator's appeal against extradition has been dismissed in an Irish court, despite suffering from Asperger's syndrome and depression.

Data firm alerts of open web being used to trade stolen credentials

A data feed firm sees stolen credentials being traded in broad daylight, so to speak.

What does cyber-crime pay? Not much per record but ROI exceeds 1000%

Omri Sigelman discusses the value that cyber-criminals gain from stealing and selling credit card data on the Dark Web and why they gather it in large volumes.